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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Journal, March 22, 2012

I'm writing this well past March 22, 2012.  I try to keep notes every day so I can go back and update this blog with the journaling of our lives when I get around to it.  In a perfect world, I'd do an entry every night before I went to bed, but come on now, that would be some kind of routine and I thumb my nose at routine.  I try not to, but my body just says, routine - to hell with routine, and so we end up with days lost or something where I couldn't tell you one thing that happened.

The notes I have for March 22, 2012 are seriously lacking - they say, this and only this:

Stew allergies; Shop Rite

That's all I got. 

What I seem to recall is that Stew came home from work feeling bad.  I got him settled on the couch and I went off to Shop Rite to get him some orange juice and some medicine - beyond that, I got nothing.  I'm sure I worked.  I'm sure I spent some time in the scrap room.  I'm even pretty sure that we watched some tv - but that's all folks - all I got.  March 22, 2012 - not exactly a day to remember.

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