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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Journal, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to Phill, happy birthday to Phill.  I called Phill this morning while I was eating breakfast but he didn't answer so I sort of sang happy birthday to him on his voice mail.  It probably saved his ear drums from hearing that live.  We're still trying to figure out what we're going to do to celebrate his birthday - but whatever it is, it'll be great.

The routine worked well today on day 1.  Got up on time, did zumba, had breakfast (oatmeal), and was ready for work at 8:30.  Had lunch (tuna) at 12:30 and then started dinner at 5.  It's now 9, Stew and I are upstairs doing our nightly things that we have to do before bed.  Didn't take my pills today and still ate too many things that aren't on my approved list, but it's a process, so hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

(Had this oatmeal for breakfast.  Got it at Kroger while I was in Cincinnati - too bad there's no Kroger by me, this stuff is really good.)

The sunrise was gorgeous this morning.  Really, really need to start grabbing the big camera for these types of pictures.  Maybe this weekend I'll just go out for a few hours and play with the camera and see what happens.  But's the sunrise:

Dinner tonight was pork chops, corn and couscous.  I had apple sauce as well - have to have apple sauce with the pork chops.  Dinner all told took about 30 minutes to prepare.  We would have waited longer for take out and it wouldn't have been as good.  I need to remember this the next time I don't feel like cooking.

I had the meeting with my supervisor this morning to discuss tasks for me to complete.  He's going to work on getting me some things to do so that will be good.  This boredom is for the birds.

Stew was uber productive today.  He's feeling somewhat better on the Mucinex and antibiotics and he went to work.  He had 89 emails waiting for him, mostly requests for software as they transition into windows 7 and reset all of the machines.  There's more technical terms for this of course but damn if I know what they are.  He said he was really busy at work just catching up from being off for four days.  After work, he went to the library, renewed his library card and returned my books.  He dropped off his dry cleaning and went to the grocery store.  We now have food to last through the weekend.  No eating out, unless we go somewhere to celebrate Phill's birthday.  He also put together my new office chair.  High tech it is.

(Will insert picture when I can hook my phone up to the computer.)

I took a ride to Target today.  They didn't have what I went for so I actually walked out of Target without buying a thing - someone call Guinness that's like a first ever.

Stew's news for today included:

1.  Mike Mussina will be inducted in to the Orioles' Hall of Fame
2.  People from the auction message board have been to Moe's (Pawn Stars Texas) store and say that his items are overpriced though there is room for negotiation.
3.  Our goalie for the Flyers - Bobs - wants to stay in the zone and doesn't want to talk to the media.  Only problem with that is the team gets fined if he doesn't talk.  As mom would say, he's acting like a weenie.
4.  The lottery is up to $500 million - yeah, I could spend that.  We have some tickets!
5.  Best Buy is laying off workers and closing stores.  I think we're going to see more and more of this for electronic stores.
6.  Bones has been renewed for another season.

I posted my first few youtube videos over the weekend and have been really pleased with the comments.  I enjoy watching everyone's videos and happy to now share mine.  It's a really cool thing.

Got my Two Peas order today.  Lots of new goodies to play with.  May be my last order for a while depending on how the budget meeting goes on Sunday - ha!

I uploaded a number of layouts to facebook.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to upload them to the blog and also to the gallery at for critique by members of the critiquing group that I belong to.

A pretty normal week day around here.

Off to wash my face, brush my teeth, get Stew's hands ready for bed and reading.

Liking the new routine.  Hoping it lasts.

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