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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Journal, March 28, 2012

Stew's home sick still.  He started his antibiotic this morning because he's still having a productive cough.  He's feeling better though and thinks that he'll probably go back to work tomorrow.

Today wasn't such a good day in the eating right or exercising department.  In fact, I'm feeling pretty blah lately.  Like my life is directionless.  I think that a lot of it has to do with work.  The study to which I'm assigned has had some delays and so there isn't clear cut objectives about what I should be doing.  I've done a lot of reading about the disease group and the standards of care for such and I've watched a lot of training, but other than that, it's a lot of boredom right now.  Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy it while it lasts and while I know that's true, I'm just feeling a lack of productiveness.  I have a meeting with my manager tomorrow, maybe he'll get me more on a directed path.  I sure hope so.  I'm getting really bored.

Stew and I went out to the two Goodwill stores and the one consignment shop that are near our house tonight.  The consignment shop is a complete rip off.  They're selling used stamps for what the stamps cost from Stampin Up new.  And they're selling stuff I've seen at the craft store in the clearance section at full price.  Buyer beware.  They did have a good selection of kids' clothes though and I think in order to fill the closet for summer for my kids, I'll shop there.  Those kids are growing like weeds, it's hard to keep them in clothes that fit. 

The two Goodwill stores were just terrible.  Nothing to see.  Not even anything cool or funny that would even qualify for a good picture.  Just a total bust.  There's another, bigger Goodwill store in Bel Air we may visit at another time and Stew has a list of consignment stores so we may go check some of them out.  It's just interesting to look at what people have once owned and are now selling.

It was Bertucci's for dinner.  They're getting rid of our crostada dessert.  That's a full on outrage.  I guess in the long run it's a good thing since neither of us really needed any of that.  Stew got the spaghetti and meatballs tonight with pomodoro sauce.  Google said that pomodoro was a lot like marinara only thicker.  Stew said it looked like they threw a can of diced tomatoes on his plate.  He said the meatballs were okay, but he wasn't liking the spaghetti and sauce.  I got my tried and true Rigatoni Abruzzi - delicious and that's what I'm having for lunch tomorrow.

We got home and sat down to make a chore list and a kind of household calendar.  We have go to get more organized with things.  I'm serious.  It's not like the house is a mess or that things aren't taken care of, it's just we could be a lot more efficient and on top of things so we're going to work on that.  It's just all those little things or really I guess you could say they're big things - like eating right and exercising.  It's so cliche to start on Monday but that's what we're going to do.  We're going to spend the next four days preparing and then we'll get started.  And hopefully this time one of us will stick with it and drag the other one along even if they're kicking and screaming.

No plans yet for the weekend.  Trying to figure out what to do for Phill's birthday.  He turns the big 3-2 tomorrow.  The weather's not supposed to be nice on Saturday so the plans to clean out the garage may need to be delayed.  May turn that into a movie day or something.

For now, we're starting our night time routine since this will be the hardest part for me.  Upstairs at 9 so that I can do all of those things I need to do before bed before I drop dead to sleep - like journal - which is what I'm doing now.  I'm tired since I only got a few hours sleep last night.  JR Ward and her damn book.  I couldn't rest until I finished it.  5AM came early when you went to bed at 3.  Loooong day.  (I'll do a full review on the book, Lover Reborn, but suffice it to say it was probably my 4th favorite.  I hope Quinn's book is next.  He and Blay just need to get together already and stop being weenies as mom would call them.)

Don't know what I'm going to read now.  That's the problem with getting through a book so fast.  Now the interminable wait until the next one is released starts. 

Looking forward to getting up in the morning and doing Zumba - routine, routine, routine.  What do they say, 28 days and it's a habit.  Let's hope I keep it up long enough to see that.

Night, ya'll.  More tomorrow if the routine holds.

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