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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Journal, March 10, 2012

Stew and I decided earlier this week that today we would just hang out and drive around - maybe, if we were lucky, we'd go up to the Conowingo Dam and see some birds.  So we got up this morning, got ready and headed out.  We drove over the dam but missed the turn for the park, so we didn't do a whole lot of bird watching.

We did find a small playground that had some picnic benches and also included this warning.  We hear on the news all of the time about how this area floods.  It's hard for me to even think about.

After getting out of the car and having to drag all of the camera equipment, the binoculars, our bird book (squee) and everything else, we decided that we needed a bag to have at the ready at all times, kind of like mom does.  So we stopped at a consignment shop and we got this Totes bag.  The consignment shop had several nice items.  Even had a Kate Spade bag that she had priced at $15 - which was lower than this Totes bag, so I couldn't believe for a minute that it was real.  It sure was a nice looking knock off though, with the look of hand stitching and not a stick on label but a sewn on one - I don't know enough to be able to tell them apart and I didn't particularly like the look of the bag but had I been certain it was real I would have picked that up - no problem.  Guess I should start researching these kinds of things especially since Stew is getting really serious into these auction things.

Here's a picture of our new bag...

We then just drove around.  We went to areas that we hadn't ever been before.  The theme of the day was, five minutes from our house we find the middle of nowhere.  It's hard to believe since we're so neighborhood centered that there are huge farms and lots of open land right near us.  We had a great time exploring it and on our little journey, we found this bakery that serves Nathan's hotdogs.  The butter crunch cookies were to die for - but Stew wanted nothing to do with the cookies - he had fries after all.

The decor in the place was very 1950s - so very cute.  I want to have a huge party for maybe a birthday or something and have it be era themed.  The 1950s or even the 1980s would be fun - have to think more on this.

Stew and his fry fork - he loved this!!

We then stopped at Susquehanna State Park.  We'd never been before.   Stew spotted a woodpecker on our way into the park and despite stopping to look for the little critter, we weren't able to get a picture of him.  He was too fast.  He had interesting coloring.  Stew will need to do further research and consult the expert (mom) on what type of woodpecker he was.  He was gorgeous that's for sure.

We took a ride down to the swimming area in the park.  It was a big chilly and I was appalled to see the amount of glass there.  They had several of these wood piles set up - they looked like set ups for bon fires to me.  This picture came out incredibly.  I just love everything about it.  The full version size is very impressive.  I don't take many pictures of which I'm proud, but this is one of them - of course, we're still talking auto focus so it's the camera doing most of the work.
 The beach wasn't sandy at all - it was rocky.  Between that and the glass I'd never swim or take the kids swimming here.

The playground on the other hand was awesome.  I think next weekend when we have the kids if we have time, we should bring the kids up here to play.  Lots to do.

The tire dragon - sweet.

Swings, I love the swings.

Stew enjoyed the zip line.

It was then off to lunch.  Stew wanted to try out the Pit Beef place up on route 40 (Fast Eddie's Pit Beef) and I wanted Brewsters, so we headed up there.  We probably won't be returning.  The pork was just okay and Stew didn't like the turkey at all.

Here's Stew outside of Brewsters being his petulant self.  HAHA.

Headed down to Bel Air next - Stew has finally upgraded to a phone from this decade.  He kept saying he didn't need a fancy phone but he sure looked happy when we picked it up.

Here's the first picture he took on it.

Ended the night doing the grocery shopping.  Yay for toilet paper - ha.
We came home and straightened up the house.  Big day tomorrow.  We're finally, FINALLY, going to get to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family.  Provided I don't set the house on fire again.

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