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Friday, March 30, 2012

Journal, March 30, 2012

This morning's sunrise...

Another productive day, I must say.  Did my Zumba this morning, got one half of the house clean and the other half straightened up.  Still need to do laundry though....

I submitted my expense reports (this system is much easier than the last one I worked with).

There was an error in yesterday's post.  When I went to take my pills this morning, I realized that Thursday's were gone, then I remembered, oh yeah, I took them with lunch yesterday.  So, chalk that one up to the bad memory.

I did some planning for my scraproom remodel.  Stew and I are working out a list of things we want to change about the house and that room is definitely on it so I've been pricing some things out so we can work them into the budget.  Don't know when it's going to happen, but it's going to be lovely.

Speaking of the budget, I cancelled my scrapbook kit club memberships today.  Just not enough time to use them all.  Now I'll just use that money to buy the things I want when I want them.  We'll see how it works out.  Stew and I have agreed on my scrapbooking budget.  Now I just need to keep to it.

Stew and I had planned to have dinner tonight with Phill and Christina to celebrate Phill's birthday but it turned out not to be a good night for them so we didn't go - but since Stew and I were dressed up (meaning that I wasn't in hang around the house sweats anymore) we decided to go to dinner.  La Tolteca - which is an okay Mexican place, though it's not Chapalla - duh!

We always get the same things - I get the Tilapia and Stew gets chicken fajitas.  I ordered a mango Margarita - not a good idea.  They use a mix.  It wasn't so good.

During dinner Stew updated me on his day.  He's caught up at work now since being off for being sick.  He got ravioli for lunch that the lunch group brought back for him from The Olive Garden because he wanted to get his work done and didn't want to leave for lunch.  He said it was okay.  The House apparently passed a bill that would freeze federal worker salaries through 2015 and require federal employees to put more money in their retirement accounts.  So basically, it's a pay cut cause God only knows if that retirement money will be there.  I don't often let myself get riled up over these matters because goodness knows Stew and I are extremely blessed to both have the jobs that we have and to be able to live the way that we do - but sometimes you just have to ask, When will it stop.  Tolls went up, gas is crazy expensive, the cost of all products are going up because of different things and salaries are going down.  And to me nothing is being done.  Like I said, Stew and I are blessed and I really have no reason to complain, but I really feel for those with kids to support and other expenses like that.  I don't know how they expect families to make it.  Anyway....back to my ignorant bliss....

Not much happening in sports news - Ed Reed wants to play again next year.  I say as long as he's healthy let him and that's being completely objective because you know damn well as a Steelers' fan I want to see no parts of him.  Saw a funny post on Facebook tonight, it was from someone to a Ravens' fan, it said, "if I win the mega millions, I'll buy you season tickets to the Ravens.  Then I'll buy the team and move them to the women's league."  Hilarity!

Following dinner, we're both tired, Stew getting over being sick still and me just from getting up way before the alarm this morning.  So we laid down on the couch to watch some tv.  Person of Interest - still loving this show.  Big Bang Theory - Love Sheldon.  Vampire Diaries - not exactly sure why I still watch this show.  It must be Ian and those freaky eyes.

The phone rang while we were watching The Big Bang Theory and my little WTK was on the other end.  The first question he asked me was, "Where are the kids?"  HAHA - they're with their parents now.  I'll have to see about setting up another time for them all to get together.  WTK told me about his Easter Egg hunt today where he found 9 eggs.  He was putting stickers on the living room wall (stick and peel) and when I asked him why he said, "Cause I feel like it."  Well, okay then.  I said, "Does mommy want them on the wall?"  He said, "Nope."  So I asked him why he was putting them there and again I got the, "cause I feel like it."  He was eating a pear while we talked.  He likes them and eats the whole thing so he informed me.  He had pizza tonight for dinner that the Ciao ladies made for him.  And apparently he loves coffee.  HAHA. 

Laura called to tell me that there's a scrapbooking store going out of business sale tomorrow - I'm so hitting that.  Got to get up at the crack of dawn and Stew will have to drop off my deviled eggs to church for the funeral (I'm on the bereavement committee), but I'm heading up to Jersey for that and to see WTK.  Apparently, he has some Easter Egg hunts to do tomorrow.  Oh speaking of which, I asked him if he had his picture taken with the Easter Bunny yet - he told me no because it's still March and you don't do that until April.

Now I have to go make the deviled eggs and then I'm going to bed.  I have serious shopping to do tomorrow.

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