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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Journal, March 21, 2012

Got up at 2:15 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Spent some time taking pictures of things around the house that I wanted to document.  I need to get better about documenting things throughout the day.  I got the Momento app that was supposed to help me to do that, but I don’t use it consistently.  It seems that whenever I’m in one of these blah moods of mine, my record keeping of our daily lives goes right out the window.  I need to figure out how to stop these blah moods.

Not a whole lot going on around the homestead today (see above).  I did make an observation though - Stew didn't shave today.  Today is Wednesday.  I said to him, "don't you meet with your boss on Wednesdays?"  He said, "ahh, that's not the important boss.  The important boss is tomorrow - I'll shave tomorrow."  What am I going to do with him, especially when he busts out with his version of the seated moon walk.  He thinks he's cool - dear God, please set him straight.

We went out to the Outback tonight.  I was really feeling like having a drink and a steak.  Stew near gives me a heart attack and tells me that Miller is gone from the Steelers.  WHAT?  You mean to tell me the Steelers got rid of Heath Miller - turns out he got Miller confused with another player.  Whew.  Took years off of my life.

Spring is definitely in the air - the blossoms outside of Outback - driving everyone's allergies crazy.

Stew was hungry.  He felt that the Outback provided him with an appropriate sign.

Yummy goodness.

I ended the night protecting Stew from the big bad spider.  My night is complete.

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