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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Journal, March 4, 2012

Well, I actually got out of my hotel room today.  HAHA.  I went grocery shopping at Walmart.  Should have gone to Kroger.  Why didn't I go to Kroger?  Even after getting to the Walmart I should have walked out and gone to Kroger.  The Walmart was just, let's say, unclean.  But, I wasn't buying too many things that don't come already packaged so hopefully, it'll be alright.  This is what I would imagine the Walmart where I used to live would look if it had a grocery department.  Thankfully, it doesn't.

I spent a good portion of the day on the phone with Stew - missing home really bad right now.  I think during the week, it's easier.  I'm busy, there's not a lot of hours to fill, but during the weekend, goodness.  And still the weather isn't great to be out doing things.  Lots of damage around from the tornado.  Just not good.  So I watched the Nascar race and just kind of chilled out.  It's relaxing if not very exciting.  Back to work tomorrow - I just love saying that.  It's so funny to me to have to actually leave and go to work after having not done it in so long.

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