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Friday, March 2, 2012

Journal, March 2, 2012

Started the day putting on some of my new clothes and feeling good.  I always feel better when I dress in clothes I really like.  Even though I'm far above the weight I want to be, nice clothes, hair done and everything like that makes me feel like I can tackle anything.  Going to get the eating right/exercising thing together once I get home, right now, just trying not to go nuts.  Though today....Cheesecake factory for lunch, yeah anyway.

Had the Friday morning meeting.  Clinical meets on Monday, the whole company gets together for company wide updates on Friday mornings - it's nice to stay in the loop as to what other departments are doing.  Today was my last day of meet and greets.  Next week we start my actual role training.  I'm excited to get started doing that.

Went out with two of the "younger" CRAs today for lunch.  These girls are hilarious.  I'm just loving everyone here still.  I mean, today there were a few things mentioned that makes it obvious that at all companies there are things that are good and things that could be better.  Still, nothing I'm hearing is the negativity I've felt in the past, so I'm glad about that.

As I said, it was Cheesecake factory for lunch.  It's a damn good thing there isn't one of these very close to us.

Peanut Butter cup cheesecake - take my breath away it was so good.  I had a really small lunch, so I'm going to say that it was okay that I ate this whole slice of cheesecake.

Actually was sent home from work today.  Tornado warnings are hitting the area pretty hard and from what I can tell from the wind, there's some really fierce weather going on outside.  My manager said that there was a window of clearing for me to get back to the hotel so I took it.  A lot of people who live further away were going to stay at the office until it stopped.  We don't have much in the way of natural disasters back home so this was something new to me.  I mean during my tour on Monday, two people pointed out the tornado evacuation route and the procedures for what to do.  Scary stuff.  I hope it's not too bad.  I avoid the news so I'll just have to see on Monday.

It's a really good thing now, that we decided that Stew wouldn't come.  I don't think he would have been able to get here anyway.  I'm going to spend the evening trying my damnedest to get through this book.  Hopefully, I'll finish it.  It's just still not pulling me in.  I loved Paris in the other books but in this one, he just doesn't seem like the same character.  Maybe I built this up too much or something - I'm not sure, but to say it's a disappointment so far is an understatement.

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