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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Journal, March 8, 2012

Ahhh, one more night away from home.  Only bad thing about that is the daily housekeeping service - now instead of coming back to my room and everything has been vacuumed and dusted and the bed's been made - if I want that feeling at home, you're reading the words of the housekeeper.  HAHA. 

I'm so excited for this weekend.  Stew and I are going to go to Conowingo dam on Saturday and just hang out together.  I've missed him a bunch and then on Sunday it's family Christmas.  I'm going to see all my little ones, oh and my brothers and sister in law, too.  I have to make some plans to catch up with the Stewbert's side of the family.  Miss all of them a ton too, especially that new little niece of mine.  She's almost two weeks old and I haven't met her yet.  This is highly unacceptable.  I don't want to go up on Saturday because I'm flying tomorrow night and if you're going to pick up germs, the airplane is the place to do it.  So I have to wait to make sure that I don't get sick or anything before I go up and meet her and see her crazy older sister.  LOL.

I'm almost packed up - only things left out are the clothes I'm wearing tomorrow and the stuff I need to get ready.  It's casual Friday at the office tomorrow thank goodness - that means I can wear jeans to the office and not need to change before going to the airport.  Ya'll know I'm not flying in business clothes.  It's against my religion.

Going to curl up in bed now and try to find something to read.  Looking forward to a good night's rest.

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