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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Journal, March 18, 2012

I think the theme of the day was silliness.  The kids woke up this morning I think having gotten too much sleep.  I didn't hear them until 7:30 this morning which is some kind of record.

GEP told me that he had a weird dream about a flute.  He was playing the flute and when he went to give it back the woman was a skeleton.  He said it was okay though because he fixed her and then gave the flute back.  MNP said that he dreams about making new friends and MTP says that she doesn't dream.

I let them go downstairs and play while I was upstairs getting caught up on the Facebook, Twitter, Internet world.  While I was in the living room I heard MTP say, "I'm telling," to which, GEP replied, "Oh my goodness, woman."  Too damn funny.  Where does this kid get this stuff.  I heard feet on the steps, but they never made their way to the living room so all must have been resolved.

At the auction on Friday night Stew got me a very old typewriter - like really old.  My darling nephew GEP was telling one of the other kids that the typewriter is "really old, it must be from the 1980s."  Kid, watch your mouth.

After Uncle Stew got up, he went to Target to get the D batteries the guns that GEP and MNP got for Christmas needed - all 8 of them.  That's right, each gun takes 4 D batteries.  Since I knew that was going to be expensive, Stew and I decided that we'd let MTP pick out something for herself at Target.  Ends up she got a Barbie and some kiddie make up and nail stuff.  My little girlie girl.

When Stew got back he set up their guns and took them outside.  What he didn't take was the camera so I don't have one picture of them with the guns.  What I do know is that Stew got himself into time out.  I came out to see the kids shooting the bullets at my front window and I told them to knock it off.  Turns out Uncle Stew told them it was okay.  Grrrrr.

After playing with the guns, they played ball outside, acted completely silly.  Made funny faces while surfing on Uncle Stew's PARKED car and were just generally the rambunctious lot that they are.

Stew and I took them home shortly after their time outside and headed back home.  Having the kids for the weekend tires us out.  We watched some of the boring as hell Bristol race (well we fast forwarded through most of it) and generally, we just rested to get ready for the week in front of us.  Stew wanted WaWa for dinner so that's what we had.  They have cinnamon buns now.  I didn't have any, but Stew says they're pretty good.

There was definitely evidence that the kids were here...

This is how I find their toothbrushes after they leave.  There are suction cups on the bottom and they stick them to the medicine cabinet.

Not quite getting a little body wash goes a long way - this bottle was full when they arrived.

And the most successful part of my weekend besides the fact that I returned my kids to their parents in much the same way I found them - all of their sleeping bags were rolled up and put back in the pouches so that the zippers could close - now that's what I call a productive weekend.

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