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Monday, March 19, 2012

Journal, March 19, 2012

I think the packed weekend just took the wind right out of my sails.  So tired today.  Didn’t get up and Zumba like I wanted, didn’t eat well.  Just a blah sort of day.  Rather bored at work right now because the study to which I’m assigned is delayed.  I’ve been viewing some training modules, but I can only watch them for so long.  Excited to get started, though honestly everyone thinks I’m nuts.  Enjoy the slow pace while it’s here.  It’s surely not going to last for long.  Just really bored.  Attended FDA inspection training today.  Didn’t really learn anything that I didn’t already know.  I’ve been through FDA audits, so it’s nothing new to me.

I ordered Stew and I tickets to go on a boat cruise to see the Cherry Blossoms in DC.  I’ve never been down there around this time of the year – so I’m excited about that.  Going on Sunday.  Should be a blast.

Received all of my desk equipment today from work.  The monitor is huge!!  Stew got that all set up for me so now I’m ready to go.  Just have to call the phone company to get a phone line placed in my office so I won’t need to use the cordless anymore.  I have the budget to do it now.

Stew and I paid our April bills and did our budget.  Made some money decisions.  Boooo.  Just have a lot of expenses right now to cover.  It’ll all work out.

The rest of the night, we took it easy.  We ordered Pizza Hut and watched DVR’ed shows.  Still can’t believe the stuff that the show Archer gets away with putting on the air.  It truly is a half hour of, “they didn’t just say that, did they?”  The designer that I wanted to go left (this is the 3/2 episode of Project Runway – we’re a bit behind on the DVR) so the ones that I wanted to make the finale did.  The Hotch got to shoot someone on Criminal Minds – always a good thing and thank goodness Penelope isn’t going to marry that dork – she needs to be with Morgan damn it.  I’m way too into my television shows.  LOL.  

Went to bed around 10:30.  Read some more of the book I downloaded.  I saw the book “Whispers in the Dark” by Maya Banks in Target last week and it sounded interesting – come on military men – love them!  But of course it wasn’t the first book in the series, so this morning I downloaded “The Darkest Hour” which is the first book.  Not too bad so far.  I like how everything isn’t spelled out as you read.  There are these little questions that pop up and you have to keep reading to find out what happened and how it will be resolved.  I like that.  It’s a good hold over until the series I love come out.
Hoping for a more productive day tomorrow.

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