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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Journal: June 9, 2012

Headed to Jersey this morning to celebrate Father's Day with Dad.  We planned it a week early since Shawn will be here next weekend and we'll be at the beach.  We told Dad he could pick whichever restaurant he wanted to have dinner.  So he chose Curting Wharf.  He and Mom had eaten there recently for lunch and enjoyed it so he thought he would try it out for dinner.  The restaurant has limited seating and limited hours but it's right on the Delaware River and it wasn't too hot or humid out tonight so we all piled in the van and headed out.

As soon as we walked in there was loads of drama.  Some kind of fight was going on, they were in the middle of escorting someone out of the restaurant.  This whole scene included lots of yelling and a NFL like tackle - followed by lots of police. 

That's not what sent us out of there though - what did that was the fact that they weren't seating anyone despite empty tables, they were pretty rude in telling us where to stand, and dad had a look at the dinner menu and wasn't impressed - so we rolled out.

We headed over to Charlie Brown's.  Tried and true and it didn't let anyone down tonight either.  Everyone enjoyed their dinner and I had a piece of carrot cake the size of my head.

We even had surprise company in the form of Laura, Mike and WTK- it's a small world.  We were sitting at our table and all of a sudden Stew says, "Hey look, there's Mike."  Unbeknownst to any of us, the hostess sat them right across from our table.  Turns out they were there because Mom and Dad had given them a gift certificate for their anniversary.  WTK wasn't in much of a social mood - though he did eat most of the fried onions off of my steak.  As we were eating, Stew mentioned to him that he could see a dumpster.  We thought nothing more of it until we got this picture in a text from Laura:

He didn't forget.  He made Laura and Mike take him to see the dumpster after they had finished eating.  LOL.  That kid and his dumpsters and trash trucks. 

We left a little while after dinner.

It was a nice time spent with mom and dad.

Tomorrow, we plan to start operation get ready for Shawn to invade the house.  Isn't it Tuesday at 2:30 yet?

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