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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Journal: June 26, 2012

Well, the sleep that I kept hoping would come last night, never did.  So, I got to the airport this morning with absolutely no sleep and my mood was par for that course.  So damn aggravated about everything and you know, when I'm in a mood like that, people get on my nerves even more than usual - which you know is hard to do.  Shockingly though, US Air was on time this morning.  Way to go.  Couldn't actually believe that, even when I was in my seat and the door was closed and the plane was moving, I still thought something was going to happen and we were going to have to taxi back - nope, took off right on time; however, the flight - way bumpy!  There are only a few times when I've flown when I get off the plane I feel compelled to hug the ground - today was one of those flights.  I was seriously happy when that plane landed and even happier when I saw the Welcome to Maryland sign on my drive home. 

Flight was empty - awesome!

Turbulence eventually went away.

Got home around 10:30 and was mad to find that the cleaning fairy didn't visit while I was gone.  Damn her.

Wrote my trip report and had my late work meeting.  When that was finished, I spent some time thinking about how I want to re-do my craft room.  This time with buying new furniture.  Think a trip to Ikea is in my future.

When Stew got home, we headed to Bel Air so that he could get his xrays for the back doctor he's seeing tomorrow. 

Then it was off to Bertucci's for dinner.  I was so tired.  Not even the freckled lemonade could perk me up!

We got home and I crashed.  So good to be back in my bed.

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