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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Journal: June 8, 2012

Not the normal Friday around here. Getting ready to be out of work for 9 days so I had a lot to get done for that. Happy to say it's all finished and I don't have to worry about anything work related. I'm super happy about that.

On the dieting front I really messed up today. Broke into the emergency chocolate and got so disgusted with everything I told Stew to get pizza for dinner.

Working through my learning curve at work where the systems are concerned. That was no fun. My next report should be easier though. Let's hope.

Scrap room time today consisted of working on week 22 of project life. Now that this blog is up to date, that's my next task to tackle. I'm only 21 weeks behind. LOL

Stew got home and we had dinner. The calories of that pizza wasn't worth it at all and all of the sugar I've eaten today has given me a headache.

We watched some episodes of Highlander. We're on season 6 and I think this is the worst season yet. Stew said it was like an audition year for spinoffs, whatever it is, it sucks. I'm determined to finish though.

I was in bed at 8:30 and asleep by 9. I'm exhausted.

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