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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Journal, June 2, 2012

Went to the NJ Renaissance Faire today.  We had a great time and the weather was perfect.  The photos I'm uploading are the collages I made to go in the kids' journals - that's why there may be some duplicates (thanks Kelly for the link to PicMonkey - makes doing this so much easier).  I didn't want to recreate the wheel for pictures for this post.  More stories about the faire below the pictures.


 When we got to the fair one of the entertainers ran up to GEP and started talking to him.  GEP didn't know what to make of that.  He got really unsure and I wasn't certain after that if he was going to enjoy himself.  We sat down to watch the opening ceremonies and he still was a little put off about the whole thing.  I was really worried that he wasn't going to have a good time.  We left the opening ceremonies early to make our way over to the Kids Magician.  On the way there, this woman asked GEP if he wanted to pet a baby dragon.  It took some coaxing but he finally relented and did it.

We arrived at the kids theater too early, so GEP played on the playground for awhile.  He climbed up and over the monkey bars - with my help.  I was too afraid he was going to fall to let him go.  He slid down the fire pole a few times - I think he really liked that.  Then it was time for the show and this is where he really started to enjoy himself.

He said something to the magician and the magician called him up and checked his head and said, "Yup, I knew it.  Do you know what 666 means?"  It was really funny.  And then the magician did a few silly tricks that both GEP and WTK (who arrived just as the show was starting) really enjoyed.  He made a cracker disappear (by crumbling it) and stuffed his face full of marshmallows only to pull them out as a cotton string.  At one point he got himself an assistant - and the trick only worked when the assistant went to pull a certain color cloth out of the bag.  GEP yelled, "he's better than you."  The assistant did it again and GEP said, "he's really better than you."  The whole crowd laughed and I sighed with relief that he was going to be okay the rest of the day.

After the show, GEP wanted to shoot the bow and arrow.  Unfortunately, they were going to let the school group go and then take a break, so GEP threw darts at balloons where he won a lollipop which he gave to WTK and then he and WTK played with the catapults. 

It was nearing time for the joust so we went over to watch that.  GEP moved to he hay bales in front of us so he could be closer and I think he really enjoyed the horse play.  My little GDH and WTK left half way through so they could play on the playground.  We stuck around to watch the Falconer.

GEP really liked watching the birds. 

After the Falconer we took GEP over the rock climbing wall - he really wanted to try it and to be honest he did pretty well.  He wasn't scared at all.  He got about half way up.

We then took a walk over by the lake where GEP found his favorite game of the day - throwing tomatoes at the fool.  He played that one over and over and over - until he finally hit him.  He was talking all sorts of smack with the guy too  which caused the guy to run out and chase him.  GEP had a great time.

WTK wanted to give it a try as well and he hit the fool, too.  It's every kids dream I think.  One, it's throwing food; two, it's throwing it at someone; and three, it's everything your mother tells you not to do at home.

We picked mom up but lost her at a few points - we suspect she was over talking to the Falconer - we weren't wrong.

Stew took GEP on the paddle boats and GEP was paddling with his hands and then scooted himself forward to use his feet the way Stew was.

We then met up with the rest of the gang and GDH was so excited to go on the paddle boats.  She actually was pretty excited about everything - she wanted to see everything and do everything, that is except for the hair braiding and the face painting - those she wanted no parts of.  We couldn't find her daddy at first and she was so excited so Uncle Stew took her and GEP out on the paddle boats - GEP sat in the back this time and Mike took WTK - they had a race.  GDH and GEP were egging Uncle Stew on.  I'm not sure who won - but they all got off the boats with smiles on their face.

I was holding Ms. CEH while they were on the paddle boats and she was all cuddled up against me - very comfortable but then she started getting a little cranky and it was definitely time for lunch.  We met up at one of the pavilions.  Stew got a turkey leg and a hot dog.  I had a bite of the hot dog and no one really at the turkey leg.  GEP was in no way interested.  He, of course, wasn't hungry and spent most of his time at the playground.  WTK and GDH didn't eat much either - CEH on the other hand, she was going to eat and no one was going to stop her. 

After lunch, GDH really wanted to go on the rock climbing wall.  So we went over there and GEP did it again while GDH did it.  While in line all GDH could talk about was putting the helmet on - she was very excited about wearing the helmet.  Matt helped her and she did very well.  GEP did better this time and I think if he was to try it some more he'd definitely get the hang of it.

After that I took GEP to get a sword. They were selling wooden ones so we picked him out one of those and he proceeded to put on his own sword show.

About this time, GEP was getting sleepy, Stew and I were tired and Mom was done so we decided to leave; however, someone remembered that he wanted to shoot the bow and arrow (I had forgotten) - so I took him to do that while Stew and mom walked to the car.  He did a really good job for his first time and hit the target more often than not.

As we were leaving the faire he told me that he was hungry - of course he was.  I said we could get something on our way out, but we passed the main food stand and he didn't want anything there and we didn't see much of anything else on our way out.  We saw an ice cream place and I asked him if he wanted ice cream - he was very good remembering that he couldn't have sweets - I had forgotten.

We left the faire and went to Mastori's - which is a pretty upscale diner.  I ordered the fruit plate with tuna.  GEP got spaghetti, Mom got the appetizer portion of fettuccine alfredo and Stew got pork chops.  Holy hell the portions were huge.  Mom's portion could have fed the whole table and still had some left over.  Stew's pork chops were the biggest I've ever seen. 

We then took Mom home, said hi to Dad who had a great day at his antennae test and then Stew and I headed home.

I guess that I kept GEP out too long because his mom wasn't happy with me.  Opps!  I'll have to keep track of the time more closely next time.  I really don't watch the clock when I'm with the kids and I didn't know he had any plans.  Live and learn.

We got home and Phill was on a mission even though he got to the house much later than he wanted.  He and Steve had poured the concrete for the slab at the bottom of the pool steps and they put my microwave and kitchen cabinet back in where there had been none for way too long.  It looks awesome. 

We ordered them some food and I proceeded to steal some of the toppings off of Steve's pizza.

They were waiting for the concrete to dry enough before they could leave.  I walked out to see how they were doing and missed a step coming down the porch steps and fell right on my elbow.  I scratched up my elbow, palm and knee pretty bad and I'm going to bruise all nice and pretty but I think that I'm okay - no broken bones or anything like that, though my shoulder is hurting.  I can move it with full motion though - so no worries.  Took some ibuprofen before bed.  Hope I feel okay in the morning.

It was a long and full day - a great day.  We don't have any plans for tomorrow.  I think I'm going to help Phill and Steve finish with the pool.

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