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Monday, June 4, 2012

Journal: June 4, 2012

A pretty boring day around here. 

I listened in on our Monday morning meeting.  The meeting my sponsor had over the weekend for the protocol was "productive" but there were no more details given - I'm soooo ready to get started on this one.

I talked to Steve this morning and we both decided to take the day off from yard work as yesterday was a total pain in the ass.

I reviewed the protocol for the new study for which I'm conducting PSVs.  It's pretty straight forward and well written.  Experienced oncologists shouldn't have a problem with it.

I read most of the day and then Stew came home.  Neither of us were very hungry.

We watched the season premier of The Glades - still loving this show, but not liking the relationship between Jim and Calle.  No need for all of that.  Murder, solve murder - that's all you need.

We finished out the night watching more Game of Thrones.  Still enjoying it.

Pretty boring day around here.

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