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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Journal: June 3, 2012

Woke up this morning and played in the scrap room until about 10 when Phill arrived.  We got started right away in our quest to get the pool cleaned out.  It was disgusting - like really, really gross and it stunk to high heaven.  I swear if I ever go two years without opening that pool again - I'm getting rid of it.  *shudder*

I mostly did that today.  Phill and Steve did a bunch of other stuff.  They finished the concrete pad at the bottom of the pool steps, hung up the hose hanger, moved the pool pump - with fancy dancy plumbing - fixed the burned boards on the deck and fixed the toilet in the guest bathroom.  They were busy men.

 (I still need to clean the rest of the grease off of the deck - but the new boards look great.)

I talked to Shawn for awhile.  SMP is in a bad mood today because she wants to be in America already.  I want her here, too - not too much longer my little one.

Shawn told me that he and Meli needed to warn me that they were bringing the devil himself with them for a visit.  Can you believe this is how they talk about my nephew.  I'm sure EAP isn't as bad as they say - though while we were on the phone, he got himself naked, diaper and all and was running around the house doing as Shawn called it, "the helicopter."  Momma picked him right up and put him in the tub.  Apparently there's two places EAP is good, the tub and in bed.  I told Shawn that we'll pretend the pool is a tub and he can just hang out in there. 

Shawn's also teaching EAP to say Hi Stew.  He says hi mommy and hi daddy and now Shawn's working on Hi Stew.  I guess Gina's a bit too hard so I told Shawn to teach him to say "Hi G" that's what most of these little ones around me call me anyway.  He said he'll work on that.

EAP got in trouble while I was on the phone - he was pouring water out of the tub with a cup.  His mother came in - MISTER - that's his name when he gets in trouble.  She took the cup away.

Then he got bubble bath in his eyes and mouth and while Shawn said he had a pretty funny look on his face, he didn't cry or anything and then he started doing it on purpose - blowing bubbles in and out of his mouth.  That boy is a handful.

Shawn said that SMP is a lawyer.  They were in bed the other night and SMP told him that she was thirsty.  Shawn told her it was bed time and she should go to sleep.  She said, "Daddy, if I don't drink any water, I'm going to die.  Do you want me to be dead?"  Guess who got up and got the girl some water?

She calls the furniture they have in the house right now, soldier furniture and while we were on the phone Meli spilled some water on one of the tables and SMP came right in to tattle on mommy to daddy.

SMP was getting her toe nails (or foos nagel) painted while I was on the phone.  Not a humbe modest read but an out there red.  She was trying to convince her father to paint her nails while Meli got EAP settled in the tub but later changed her mind and told him that nailpolish is only for girls.

Her favorite movie right now is The Smurfs, but she's having trouble with saying the "r", so she says Smufs.  The other day Shawn told her, "SMP, you know there's an R in that word, don't you?  It's Smurfs."  She said, "I know Daddy, I'm trying."  - twying...

Too cute - but Shawn says they're bad and they don't get along at all.  Sounds familiar to me.  He said that EAP will go over to where SMP is playing and throw her toys on the floor so she will push him and then he will scratch her face and then full on chaos breaks out - I don't want to laugh cause it's really not that funny, but in a way it really is funny.

EAP is not taking naps any more and apparently no sleep makes for a very cranky EAP.  We'll just have to wear him out while he's here - let him run outside like a wild person.

I'm so excited for them to come.  I can't wait.

After spending so much time in the sun today without eating, I was feeling a little weird today - I laid down and took a nap. 

Stew showed Phill how to make ribs in the smoker - and then we all ate them.  Yup, even me - I like the burned on the ends parts.  I should have gotten more than I did - cause they were gone in like 17 minutes.

After Phill left, Stew and I watched the Dover race - boring.  Damn Jimmie Johnson wins again.

And then we started watching The Game of Thrones which I surprisingly like.  There's a few characters on there that I hope die off and die off quickly - but otherwise, I'm enjoying it.  It's not True Blood but since we finished that one - beggars can't be choosers.

I can't believe tomorrow is Monday already.  Time for bed.

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