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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Journal: June 23, 2012

Well, Shawn and family headed off to Kentucky today.  They left around 7 and made pretty good time.  Shawn said that the house was in pretty good shape.  I asked him how Meli felt about it since she would be much more critical and he said that it was much better than she thought it was going to be, too - so all in all, it's good there.

Before they left this morning, SMP was crying and upset that they were leaving.  I was trying to console her and tell her that Uncle Stew and I would be down to visit and she would be coming back to our house to visit, she stopped crying and sobbed, "I want to go in the pool."  Oh, well, just call me chopped liver.  LOL.  Her mother wanted her to go to the bathroom before they left and she didn't want to, but I conned her into it by telling her that she could use the good smelling strawberry soap that was in the downstairs bathroom.  For the whole time she's been here she's only wanted to use that bathroom because of the soap.  A few days ago I told her she could take it home with her.  She didn't forget.  After she used the bathroom this morning and washed her hands, she came up the stairs with her soap.  She took it home with her.

I know what's going to be on Ms. SMP's birthday list.  (I actually got this soap from Kelly as she received it as a gift but couldn't use it, so I'll have to say thanks to her next time I see her.  SMP truly loved this soap.)

After Shawn and co. were all loaded in the car and on their way, I went down to the scrap room.  First time I'd been in there in a long time.  I spent most of my time getting caught up on what my other kids were doing during the time that Shawn and family were here.  I updated all of their journals with stories their mothers have posted on Facebook.  Sometimes, honestly, facebook can get on my damn nerves with all the drama and stuff, but it does allow me this opportunity to keep up with what all of my kids are doing and that's awesome. 

Other than that, Stew and I had a lazy day.  We got caught up on all of our DVR'ed shows and watched some Highlander.  After the whirlwind of the past few weeks, neither of us really felt like doing anything. .

The big news of the day was that the Flyers traded JVR - that's just bullcrap.  I liked JVR.  He'll be like all the other ex-Flyers - leave Philly and go win a ring somewhere else.  We got some guy named Schenn who apparently has a brother on our team - I'm not sure how I feel about this.  I guess we'll see when the season starts.

I got packed and we went to bed relatively early.  I have a plane to catch at 9 tomorrow morning which means I need to leave here at 6.  Oh boy - back to work for real!

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