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Friday, June 8, 2012

Journal: June 7, 2012

I woke up this morning feeling better than I have in awhile - I don't know what has been going on with me, but whatever it was, I'm glad it feels like it has passed.

I started working on the pool today - trying to get the chemicals right.  The alkalinity was down at 40 ppm and it needs to be about 80.  The pH was also low and the chlorine of course was non existent.  I added about 5 pounds of alkalinity up to the pool, waited the required time and then re-checked it.  The alkalinity and the pH were then in range so it was time to add the chlorine.  I didn't go back out tonight to check the chlorine level but I'll do that tomorrow and see if I have any chlorine discs to put in the strainer and the floater - may have to run to the pool store.

Between working and the pool, I finally got all of my journal entries written up in this blog.  That was a major pain in the ass.  I hope to never let it get behind again.  *fingers crossed*

Stew got home from work and we had dinner.  I made steak and lima beans and tried a new ketchup - which I thought was sugar free, ummm, nope.  I didn't read those ingredients well enough, even still the sugars in it weren't very high and it was delicious ketchup.  I must admit it's even better than Heinz to me and it's a Wegman's brand.  It's Wegman's organic ketchup.  It was delicious.  Real tomato flavor.  Even Stew liked it.

We used our newly installed microwave for the first time.  Stew's excited because it has a potato button.  I'm always skeptical of these sort of buttons, but it worked perfectly.  He had a baked potato in 5 minutes.  

Stew got a call from his cousin Crystal - she's coming to visit in August.  That will be awesome to spend time with her - she's hilarious.  I love her.  I blocked the weekend she's here off on our calendar and now I'll let Stew and Crystal handle all the planning for that time.

Finished watching the first season of The Game of Thrones - I liked it right up until the very last scene.  I think it's getting a little too, I don't know, something for me.  I just don't like the mythical kind of stories - in most cases.  What I liked about the show was that it was telling a story about "normal" people in that time - now we've got sorcerers bringing people back from the dead and dragons.  I'm not so sure I'm going to enjoy season two.

In bed around 11 - crossword puzzles and then sleep.

I don't know what I'm going to get into yet today - I have a lot of things to update at work since I'll be out next week - YAY vacation - and I have list of things to do around the house a mile long, but I'm going to try not to get overwhelmed with all of it.  Take it one thing at a time and then move on.  Letting myself get overwhelmed will just lead to not doing anything.

I think I'll start with laundry.

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