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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Journal: June 10, 2012

Today was the proverbial calm before the storm.  I have a lot of cleaning to get done to get ready for Shawn's visit, but decided that since Stew has to work tomorrow and it's the first day of vacation for me, I would wait and do it all tomorrow - I did do laundry today.  The clean laundry is starting to out weigh the dirty laundry and I'll consider that progress. 

Stew and I watched some Highlander and then watched the Pocono race - it was one of the better races we've seen in a long time.  Not at all happy that Joey Logano won - I was so pulling for Mark Martin, but the racing was exciting.  We didn't do a lot of fast forwarding - that's a sign that we actually thought the racing was interesting.

It was funny today.  For Phill's birthday, Christina got him a smoker/grill combo thing and Stew also gave him the electric smoker that we thought was broken (see when you have a handy guy around like Phill, things aren't always broken - they just need to be fixed).  Today, while we were watching the race Phill was smoking - and calling Stew for advice.  I think that's awesome.  When Matt first got his smoker, he would call Stew and ask Stew all of these questions and now Phill's doing the same thing.  Stew is the smoke master - like I said on Facebook, it's 33% of the reason I married him.  Pulled pork - yummmm.  Phill's ribs turned out if a little dry, he said.  He'll have to keep practicing - I'm sure he doesn't mind a bit.

So all and all - we were pretty lazy today.  It'll be the last time in a long time that we're able to just sit around and veg.

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