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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Journal: June 11, 2012

Today was all about getting the house ready for Shawn and Meli's visit.  I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more.  I did load after load of laundry.  I still have a few little things that I'll have to finish tomorrow before Stew and I head off to the airport to get the crew, but I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished today and I have to thank Pandora and 80s radio for keeping me motivated to get it done. 

I don't know why it feels like the house has to be at a different level of clean when you're having overnight guests for a long period of time rather than just having people over for the day - but it does seem different to me.  I feel like everything has to be in its right place and what's even crazier about that is that my family couldn't care less what the house looks like, that's not what it's about - but that's just how I am, so I spent today getting everything straight.

I even set up the toy room...

(These are things Stew says I spend my time on that prevents me from finishing anything and in a lot of ways, he's right, but I can't help it.  I'm a little ADD, I suppose and get distracted by shiny things.)

I also had to refill the coin sorter - ummm, this isn't fun.  I don't know what WTK sees in this, but I got nothing out of it.

I cleaned the deck, too.  I'm ashamed to admit that the grease from the December (YIKES) fire was still on the deck.  I couldn't bring myself to clean it before now.  Even today while cleaning it, it was hard.  Just like weird flashbacks of when it happened and thinking about the injuries that grease caused - just too hard, but I got through it and got it done.  The deck looks okay now.  Re-staining it is on the list of things to do next year, but for now, at least it's not slippery.  I will say that this stuff from the Home Depot works like a charm.  I sprayed it on there, used a wired brush to scrub a little and then Mother Nature did the rest by rinsing everything away.  I highly recommend this stuff for grease removal.

I'm so excited for everyone to get here, I can't sleep.  Will 2:30 just come already?

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