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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Journal: June 5, 2012

Steve came up today and we talked about what we need to do to finish the work around the pool - basically we're going to need stone, a lot of stone.  He's going to see about borrowing his dad's truck so we can go pick it up.  And then we should be able to finish around the pool without a problem.

Since he didn't have much to do today - he and I went to Bel Air to do some shopping.  I needed to get some ink cartridges and photo paper for my photo printer - believe me when I say use the paper that you're supposed to in the printer, the quality is just so much better.  So we started at Office Depot.  I knew exactly what I needed and where it was - I picked it up and then was browsing when this store employee came up to me and asked, "What brings you to Office Depot today?"  Is this a trick question - I'm shopping - go away, shoooo.  If I needed help I would have asked.  I hate when they do that.  It makes me crazy.

After Office Depot we saw that there was a shoe dept in the mall.  Since we bought the last pair of Sketchers for Stew there I thought I'd see if they had any.  They didn't, but I found myself a pair of flip flops for the beach so I was happy about that.  We went to Journeys next where we were lucky enough to find a pair of shoes for Steve, then I thought I'd just stop in Sears on the off chance that they had Stew's shoes - score!  They did - and they were half off so I bought him two pair, a gray pair and a brown pair.  I think that puts his shoe total at 11 pairs - he's moving up.

After shopping we went to the diner for lunch.  I had chicken salad which was kind of gross and Steve had wings which he really liked.  The strawberries I had were good though.

It was off to Wegman's then - Steve really was in awe of what he called the snobby grocery store - I felt the same exact way when I walked in there, but I really like how they package their meats in vacuum seals and I only have to buy like 2 chicken breast and not 3 when I'm only going to use 2.  Forgot Stew's cheese though - damn.

Got home from shopping and the pool was filled.  I'll work on the chemicals tomorrow and the pump tomorrow.

Steve left and Stew and I watched both of the Hell's Kitchens.  I don't have a favorite yet, we'll have to see.  I honestly don't like any of them at the moment.

Ended the night with more Game of Thrones - then bed.

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