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Monday, July 9, 2012

Journal: July 9, 2012

Trying to get back on the healthy track today.  Got up and did my zumba workout, then had cereal for breakfast.  I even counted out exactly one serving and measured my milk.

In between working, I did laundry.  I started by trying to clean the washing machine, but the darn thing kept telling me that there was something in there.

There wasn't.  It's just mocking me.  I really hate when machines think they are smarter than me!  Grrrr.  So after reading on some websites that this was a glitch in the software (yeah, machines, so smart), I finally just put the washer on hot, put bleach in there and ran it through the wash cycle.  Sigh....Maybe if I'd stop leaving clothes in the washer for extended periods of time the need to wash the washer wouldn't be so high.

Stew called the car dealership today because his damn window in his car isn't working again.  We have put so much money into this window and they just fixed it AGAIN right before Shawn came.  They told Stew not to use it for a week to make sure that the glue set this time.  Fine, he didn't use it for about a month.  He never really uses the window - but when he tried to use it this weekend, the window wasn't working.  He called them this morning and they said he could bring it in after work and they'd take a look at it tomorrow.  So I had to go pick him up from the dealership which meant I had to go to the grocery store with him (though I did get Outback for dinner out of it.  Score!).  I didn't want to go to the grocery store.  My conversation with Stew about that went something like this: 

S:  Why don't you want to go to the grocery store?
G:  There are people there?
S:  Are you agoraphobic?
G:  No, I'm not scared of them.  I hate them.

I posted that on Facebook and then learned that agoraphobia is really the fear of crowds, not necessarily people.  Hmm, learn something new everyday.  I still hate people though.  So if there's a word for that - that's me.

After the grocery store, I was wiped out.  Getting up early and doing what I'm supposed to wears me out.  I played in the craft room for awhile, watched some tv, and went to bed.

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