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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Journal: July 10, 2012

More musical cars today.

Christina and GEP came to pick me up today so that we could go pick up Shawn's car from the port.  He had both of his cars shipped and the first one came while he was here and the second one came just the past week and Stew and I are going to drive it down to him this weekend.  The whole process at the port was simple and the guys there even put the license plates back on for me, which was awesome.  On our way to the port, GEP was his normal self.  I told him that his uncle was sad that he wouldn't see GEP today and I told him that Stew thought GEP was his favorite nephew (I tell all my kids that they're the favorites).  GEP said, "I can live with that."

He was oh so hungry while we were there - you'd think his parents never feed him, so I had to dig deep in the purse to get him some coins for the candy machine. 

He's too much.

All I have to say about the Escalade is that it's big - HUGE, really.  I'm used to having a little room inside the traffic lane with my small Vibe - yeah, not with this thing.  Don't even think about drifting into my lane, there's no where for me to go and I will hit you.

After getting home from that, I got a call from Stew that the dealership swears his window is fixed again.  So Stew picked me up after work and we headed over there to get his car.  (He drove my car to work today.) Hopefully, the thing won't break again.  I'm so tired of this car's window.

After we got home, we had dinner and then watched some tv.  Finding myself in a rut lately with very little motivation - hopefully that will end soon.

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