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Friday, July 6, 2012

Journal: July 6, 2012

Stew got up at some ungodly hour this morning to go crabbing with Mom, Dad, and Matt.  I stayed home to take care of some stuff I had to get ready around the house - yeah, I didn't do that, but more on that later.  I was on the couch when Stew got up because I couldn't go to sleep when he needed to last night and I didn't want to wake him up when I come to bed.  He woke me up when he left, per my request, and told me to go to bed in our room.  I apparently was all over this idea, except I made a pit stop in the guest bathroom with the words, "I have to piss."  Yeah, this just continues our theme of how high class we are.  So after he left I went to bed and slept until about 7:30.

I got up and work began.  It's weird to me that my busiest day at work is Friday.  At my previous company, it seemed like everyone checked out on Friday - this new company, it's like Friday's the hardest working day of the week.  Doesn't bother me either way - I have to bill 40 hours a week regardless of what day that occurs on, it's just a weird observation.

After making sure that work was calmed down - I went down to the scrap room and found a picture of all the little lovelies that Mom, Dad, Matt and Stew were catching out on the boat - not too many bugs this year.  It figures since the fear of the bugs was one of the reasons I decided to stay home.

Look at all the good eats we're going to have soon.  Yippie!

While Stew was off doing that, I got a call from Shawn and we made his travel arrangements for him to get to class at Fort Benning.  We went back and forth about how to get him there, how to get his car to him and on and on until I realized that the easiest way to do it was to just stick to our original plan.  Duh.  So next weekend, Stew and I will drive his car down to him, take his rental car back to the airport with us and fly from Atlanta back home - while getting to spend some time with him in the interim.  Good plan.

Stew got home rather early.  Here's some pictures from his trip - he actually asked me last night what camera he should take.  I'm so proud of him - he's so getting on board with my obsessive picture taking.  I love it.

 He said that they saw a juvenile bald eagle out and about while they were on the boat - awesome!  But I sent him with the little camera, so he doesn't have any pictures of it.  I'll have to see if Mom does when I go up to their house and steal their pictures.  All in all they caught about 90 crabs and from the email we received from Dad it sounded like he really enjoyed his father's day present.  So double awesome.

After Stew showered (crabby ick), we headed to Shoprite to get stuff to eat.  With the heat being what it is tomorrow, we don't want to leave the house - so we wanted to get the stuff we needed today.  We got sandwich stuff to have for dinner and it was delicious.  I love sandwiches.

I took this picture at the seafood counter - lobster, before and after the cooking process.  Don't you think it's cruel to put the live ones next to the dead ones - it's like, "look buddy, you're next."

We then looked for things around the house to watch.  I was tired after not having slept very well last night and I didn't really feel like doing anything.  Stew was tired after getting up at the crack of dawn, no actually, I think it was before dawn and he didn't feel like doing anything, so we settled in and started watching the original CSI again.  This show annoyed me the first time I watched it - I mean really, it doesn't rain that much in Vegas, but this time, I'm kind of enjoying it.

I ended the night on Pinterest - damn Pinterest.  It's addicting.  There's so many good ideas there and so many things that look cool to do - but really, we're not going to be doing them.  Though Stew does want to re-tile our basement bathroom ourselves.  Maybe after we tackle that and see that we can indeed get this stuff done, we'll be more willing to do other projects.

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