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Monday, July 30, 2012

Journal: July 30, 2012

Well, it was a day.  A chaotic, crazy day.  I don't have not one picture from the day and as I write this I look around my hotel room and think there must be something I can take a picture of just to have one, but quite honestly, it's a typical room at the Courtyard.  Two double beds - not liking that and I'm staying on the riverwalk in San Antonio - unfortunately, my room view is a parking garage.  Totally nondescript room for a completely nondescript day.  Woke up and from the minute my feet hit the floor it was just running around and trying to get things prepared for this week.  Printing slides and itineraries, entering expense reports, writing trip reports.  Traveling at the end of the month, being away from my home office for the end of the month reports is kind of nuts.  So it was a race to get all of those things prepared and then it was a trip to the airport (which my husband was kind enough to drive me) and then it was the flight to San Antonio - which was LONG.  I slept and read for most of it.  And now, it's a hotel room and I have to get up early tomorrow and get to my site with plenty of time to meet the sponsor's representative - so I'm going to get in bed, turn on the Olympics and get some sleep.

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