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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Journal: July 11, 2012

What a day.  There was work and not a whole lot else.  I was supposed to go get this gray in my hair colored, but I didn't.  I'm just not feeling very motivated.  Considering that we're driving to Georgia tomorrow - that's a problem.  Where did my motivation go?  I hope I find it soon.  Tomorrow's going to be a fun day because today wasn't - there's laundry to do and stuff to be packed and things to be cleaned.  Ugh.  I'm tired just thinking about it.  At least I don't have to take Stew to work and pick him up.  As I was talking to Christina yesterday, she asked how Stew and I were getting home from the airport on Sunday if we were driving to Georgia in Shawn's car.  Yeah, good question.  So Stew will drive to work tomorrow and then drive to BWI to park his car and I'll pick him up from there.  Good plan!

Good night.  Lord, I pray that I find my mojo in the morning.

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