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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Journal: July 25, 2012

One more night in Montreal.  Pretty easy day today.  It's awesome to go to a site to do an initiation visit and the site knows the study and has everything prepared.  Makes my job 100 times easier.  One slight problem, however, this site is definitely going to need a French speaking monitor, so that means that I'm going to be moving off of this study and on to another one.  The one they have in mind actually puts me at Hopkins.  That will be awesome!

Other than the site visit today and ordering some food, I haven't done anything.  I'm not used to traveling like this and I'm exhausted.  I have an early flight tomorrow, on my way to Greenville, SC.  Talk about culture shock.

I'm ready to go home.  Exciting weekend ahead - Kelly and Matt are bringing my girls down.  They'll be there when I get home tomorrow night.  I'm super excited about that.

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