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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Journal, July 7, 2012

When the head of Aberdeen City works calls you and tells you that if you don't have to go outside, stay in, I take that completely seriously and am all about heeding his warning.  *snerk*

Stew and I knew the weather today was going to be dreadful so all week we knew that we were going to stay in.  I planned on doing a lot of work in the scrap room and Stew planned to get caught up on the DVR'ed shows that he watches that I don't. 

I woke up pretty early and told Stew to stay in bed because we had nothing planned and then disaster stuck.

I ran out of toner in my printer.  Guh!  I was going to have to brave the elements to remedy this situation.  After doing some laundry so we had something to wear - we headed out.  It was like breathing through water outside.  The car was like an oven and I really felt like I was melting.  Now I'm bitching and complaining about this but understand that I do realize that there are so many people who have it worse than I do and that there are some pretty damn brave men and women sitting in full combat armor in a desert - I get that, I'm not ungrateful for the fact that I have air conditioning and things like that, but let me tell you - it was hot as hell out and that's just a fact.

We headed to Staples which was awesome.  I got the toner I needed and also found the Martha Stewart labels that I've seen everyone use on their Project Life layouts.  I spent more money than I wanted to (that's a shock, huh), but I'm still under budget for the month and I intend to stay that way.  Stew and I spent some time looking at our money and our budget today and made some goals.  So I want to do my part and not exceed the amount of money I'm given.  Of course, we didn't have a clothing budget for me this month and I ordered bras - oops.  But they had them buy two get two free and I need some new bras.  Stew put in the budget the full amount for me to get my hair colored and since I'm only getting the roots done next Wednesday, I'm hoping that that all comes out in the wash and we're still under budget for the month.  Wouldn't that be something?  Though Stew tells me when I buy my kids things just because, that comes out of my allowance.  There's no such thing as a just because gift budget - at least not until the car, roof and student loan are paid off.  Oh well.  These darn children are worth it, afterall.

After we left Staples we headed to Best Buy to look for the next season of CSI: NY - they didn't have it and yes, that would have been on the approved budget - we have entertainment money.  They had nothing - we honest to God walked out of Best Buy without purchasing anything.  I think that might be a first.

Stew asked if I had any more stops to make, by that time my fat ass was ready to get back in my arctic house.  No kidding.  Stew said he wanted to make one more stop which was fine by me as long as I didn't have to get out of the car.  We headed to Chick Fil A - to find out that the damn window in Stew's car that we have now spent over $1500 to fix is still broken.  It's been fixed three times by three different people - you'd think someone would know what the hell they were doing.  I wonder if a window place would be better than the dealership, since the dealership obviously has no idea how to fix the damn window.  I'm so over this thing.

I wasn't hungry but Stew got me chicken nuggets because they hold up well and I like them cold.

We headed home, I went in the craft room.  Stew to the tv room.

About 10 I went in the tv room and Stew and I watched the race - well our abbreviated version.  It was boring as hell until like the last 20 laps.  I'm happy to say that Tony won again!  Whooohoooo!  That's 4 times in the last 8 summer Daytona races, he's won.  Why he can't win the 500 I've got no idea.  And Kurt Busch just once again proved that he's an ass.  And what the hell is up with AJ Dinger - it'll be interesting to see how that pans out this coming week.

One cute story from the Pre-Race, it's 4th of July weekend and NASCAR tends to be a pretty patriotic sport, so they were doing their whole celebrate the USA thing (though what was up with that fly over - a B52, come on guys, give me some fighter jets, it's the only reason I watch the pre-race.)  After this was all done, they said, "It makes you proud to be an American," and some music started playing.  Uh oh, Stew hit the fast forward button.  He knows how much that song just slays me - so even though it turned out to be a false alarm and they didn't play it, he was at the ready.

The National Anthem was atrocious.  I don't know who told that cooky CNN host (who I only watch when I'm stuck at the airport during the times that she's on) that she could sing - but goodness gracious that was awful.  Brad Keslowski tweeted that it was the best anthem of the year - I like this dude but in this case he was either trying to get a date or on crack - hey Brad, watch for those random drug tests.  She sounded like dying cattle.

So that was our day - don't know what Sunday will bring.  We'll see in the morning.

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