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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Journal: July 1, 2012

It was an awesome day around the house here and I think Laura should move in considering that any time she's here I sleep longer in the morning than any other time.  I got up around 10 - lucky for me, Laura knows her way around the house and she found WTK and herself some food stuffs.  Next time she needs to wake me up - I feel so bad when that happens.

I got to spend most of the day with Laura and WTK.  WTK entertained himself in the craft room for a long time.  He baked the pencils in the toaster oven as he likes to do, he had fun shining a flashlight in his eyes, we played with the label maker and he kept us laughing with all of his antics.

We were going to go to the movies or something, but then Phill and Christina let us know that with their electric still being out they were going to crash with us for a few days.  That was cool with us, so we wanted to wait around the house for them to get here.  I made the mistake of telling WTK that GEP was coming.  He so badly wanted to stay here and wait until GEP got here before he went home; unfortunately, GEP wasn't getting here until much later.  I'm going to have to set up a time for them to play together again soon.

Before Laura and WTK headed home, we went out to the pool to get his floating ring and some how, though I'm not sure Laura nor I understand how it happened, but WTK ended up in the pool.  Oh he had his floating ring and a life vest - but some how I think we were conned.  Seeing him the pool made me want to get in the pool so I went in to get changed and then WTK and I played in the pool for awhile until Laura was ready to go.  No more repeat antics of last night - no one tried to ride Dino today.

After Laura and WTK left, I spent a long time in the pool, lounging on the raft and reading my Kindle (which was safely sandwiched in a Ziploc).  Stew went in and took a nap.  He wasn't feeling so good, he had a headache.  After his nap he came out to get me and we went in and had left over spaghetti for dinner.  We then sat down to watch some tv.

Phill and family arrived not long after and GEP right away noticed the solo cups.  He wanted to know what they were out for.  After explaining to him that they were toys now, since WTK uses them to build things, GEP wanted to build to, so out came the cups.  He spent a long time playing with them and then Phill got down on the floor with him to show him how to really build things.  Soon, GEP got bored, but not his dad.  I think Phill ended up playing with the cups longer than GEP did.

It was off to bed pretty early for us tonight.  Long week ahead.

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