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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Journal: July 29, 2012

Still so very tired today and in quite the mood, I might add.  It was a good morning, however.  Any time I get to wake up to the sounds of my kids in my house is a wonderful start to the day.  I woke up and Ms. CEH was eating and Ms. GDH was downstairs watching tv and "eating" - that is to say she was picking the marshmallows out of her Lucky Charms and had to be coaxed by her dad to eat the other parts.  I'm with her, I don't understand why the other parts are there either.

We spent the morning hanging out, watching the Olympics.  I don't know what it is this year, but I'm super into them.  I've never in the past been interested in the summer games, at all, except when Greg Louganis was diving - loved him!  But this year, I'm watching swimming and gymnastics and heck, we even watched women's skeet shooting.  Kim Rhode was incredible!  She hit 99 of the 100 targets.  That's just unbelievable.

I don't know what it is - but like I said, I'm pumped about the Olympics.

My idea for the day was to just hang around the house - but Stew gave me the big guilt trip about going to lunch (he didn't really, but he was pretty stern about wanting me to go), so I got in the shower and we headed off to Red Robin.  I was seriously trying to be good about eating - seriously, I was.  So I ordered a salad and told the waiter specifically that I didn't want cheese on it.  When it came out, it had cheese.  So he went to get it re-made and while he was doing that, I was watching everyone eat their burgers - yeah, so I ordered myself one of them.  I'll have the salad for lunch tomorrow.  I did drink water the entire time.  Yes, me, I went to Red Robin and didn't get Freckled Lemonade.  What is the world coming to?

GDH and CEH were as good as can be at lunch.  CEH slept through most of it and GDH played with her handheld game (leap pad maybe or something - I don't remember) and then she ate without any problems.  They're a treat.

After Red Robin, Matt took me over to Office Depot so I could get toners for my printers.  It seems like all three of them ran out at the same time.  Ridiculous - and since I have a lot of printing to do for my visits coming up this week, I really needed toner.

After that Matt and family headed home and Stew and I sat down to rest in the family room.  I did some laundry and we watched our DVR'ed shows, watched some Olympics and watched that damn Jimmie Johnson win Indy - again!  I like the dude, but I totally wish he'd go away already.

A good Sunday....

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