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Friday, July 13, 2012

Journal: July 13, 2012

Ohhhhh, it's Friday the 13th, scary.  I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was funny.

I'm not very superstitious so this day really means nothing to me.  I mean the last few years, I've had flights on Friday the 13th and today, I spent the day in the car.  No issues.

Stew and I continued our journey down to Greenville, SC.  I asked Stew if he wanted me to drive, but I think he's really enjoying driving the Escalade because he wouldn't give up the keys.  We drove through lots of rain on and off.  I slept a lot.

At one point, we saw a sign for Alan Jackson Blvd.  Stew said, "guess how long it's going to be named that."  I said, "how long?"  "At least for the next 30 years."  Yeah, that would have been funny my love, if Alan Jackson sang that song - which he doesn't.  LOL.

Heading into Georgia, we saw a water tower painted like a peach - I thought it was cool.

We met up with Shawn at our hotel and then headed out to dinner.  We tried a barbecue place.  Stew said the ribs were second only to those at the place we ate in New Hampshire last year.  Shawn got chicken fingers and said they were good.  I got pulled pork - not my favorite.  They did have some funny things on the menu and even a red solo cup reference. 

Tomorrow we're headed to the drive through safari.  I'm excited to go!

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