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Friday, January 25, 2013

Pinned It, Did it, Friday: Cleaning Glass Cooktops

Like a lot of people I know, the thought of having a glass cooktop meant that cleaning would be easier - well, I've found that that isn't always true.  Especially if you cook like me - which means, that more food ends up on the stove than in the pan.  If the saying "a messy cook is a good cook" is true - I'm not sure why I don't have my own cooking show on the Food Network...

Anyhow.  I saw this and pinned it.

The source for the pin is here.

This is the before picture - I can't even believe I'm showing this...

The only baking soda I had on hand.

Following the directions.

Used Dawn dishwashing liquid.

Stew and I don't like lighthouses or anything.

I can't believe the difference.  I never thought I'd get those black marks off of those gray rings and they all came off.  I don't think my towels were wet enough, so next time I will definitely use a little more liquid to get more of a paste from the baking soda, but I'm very pleased with how this worked.

I'm going to call this one PinApproved and add it to my monthly cleaning schedule.

Now, if only I had remembered to turn on the self cleaning oven while this was going on.  Ahhhh, maybe next time.

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