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Monday, January 7, 2013

Journal: January 7, 2013

Today was a pretty good day.  In fact, it was a day that I wish all of my days (work days, that is) would mirror.  It's a day where I go to bed thinking that I've done everything that I was supposed to do today. 

Stew and I decided that we would start our New Year today since we were traveling last weekend and then didn't have time to prepare for last week.  So, with the start of our New Year, I got up this morning, got on the scale (ACK!), then got my butt on the treadmill.  Re-started couch to to 5K.  I'm sick of restarting - I'll tell you that much.  I've lost so much since the fall. 

After that, I did my body measurements and then showered and got ready for work.

I had a good lunch of tuna and wheat thins.  I even counted out the wheat thins and put the box away, because if you give me the box, I'll eat all of them.

Stew came home with groceries and I made a recipe he found using turkey breast and a honey mustard marinade.  I've never made turkey breast this way before but it turned out really good.  This one we will definitely be having again.

I also used my Christmas present for the first time.  Oh how I love my knife.  I'm scared to death of it, but I love it!  It cuts through carrots like they're nothing.  It's fantastic.

While I cooked, Stew got on the bike and did his workout.  We took his "before" pictures, too.

After dinner, I baked our eggs for the week.  We saw this on Pinterest and thought it looked interesting.  I'll put the whole post about it in one of my Pinned It, Did It, Friday posts, but it looks like they turned out pretty good.  I hope they taste as good.

I also made some clean eating biscuits (will be another Pinned It, Did It, Friday posts).  These just turned out weird - and how can I not own a biscuit cutter.  I own every kitchen gadget known to man, but not a biscuit cutter.  So weird.

While Stew and I waited for the biscuits to "cook" - you "bake" them on the stove top, we played trivial pursuit.  He kicked ass, as usual.  I don't know why I bother playing with him.  He downloaded the game onto his iPad, we don't even have to pull the actual board game out anymore.  Just a sign of the times, I guess.

We also sat down today and planned out our week - thinking about what was going on and what we had to do.  It's a good way to think about our goals for the week.

Really good day.  I hope we can keep it up tomorrow.

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