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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Journal: January 3, 2013

Woke up this morning and straightened up the house. Still not perfect. Will finish tomorrow.

Entered my time. Didn't get my trip reports finished like I wanted, but will get them done tomorrow.

Had a Jimmie Dean turkey sausage, egg white biscuit for breakfast and took my pills. Feeling a bit better today.

Spent some time reading Eat That Frog. Good advice on overcoming procrastination. Now if only I could stop procrastinating on implementing those strategies.

Christina came up so that we could scrapbook. Unfortunately, Ms. AGP was having a pretty rough day and didn't settle down until late so we didn't get a lot done. We're going to schedule more days like today and try to make scrapbooking more of a priority.

I hadn't scrapbooked since November 29 - that's far, far too long.  Going to work this weekend on figuring out what my goals are for the year, scrapping and otherwise.

After Christina left, I looked around for lunch and unfortunately noticed the pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the freezer. Ate that for lunch. Bummer.

Downloaded some books including Gena Showalter's Last Kiss Goodnight and Larissa Ione's Immortal Rider. Started reading the Showalter's book. Enjoying it so far. She's opening up enough mystery about the main characters that it's keeping me reading.

Took a nap until Stew got home. Then headed to Jersey for WTK's birthday party. More time in the car. Awesome!!!!!

The party was in full swing by the time we arrived, but WTK'S seemed pretty happy to see me. He was quite the little snuggler today. He came up to me three times just to sit with me. Almost had me asking who this kid is and what happened to my kid.

Laura hosted a Trashie and Angry Bird birthday party. She made the cutest cake. It was a garbage can with insects all over it.

And the decor was Angry Birds.

Two of WTK's favorite things.

Dad made pizza as he did last year.  It was yummy.  Here's Stew enjoying a slice.

Other birthday festivities:

 Laura got him candles where the flames change colors.  I couldn't get a good picture of the different colors.
 Blowing out the candles.
 Cutting the cake.
 Opening presents.
 His favorite of all - an Angry Birds trash can.
 As soon as he opened it, he had to start putting the wrapping paper in it.
 He also got an ice cream maker.  He kept pestering his dad to make ice cream tonight.  Dad finally was able to persuade him that they'd do it this weekend by offering him some already made ice cream in his favorite flavor:  Breyers Waffle Cone.

We had a good time at the party but we couldn't stay long since it's a work night.  Another 3 hours logged in the car today for me and another 5 for Stew - I think we're both looking for a day where we don't need to see the inside of a car.  Maybe Sunday?  Though, I'm going back to church on Sunday and we probably have to go to the grocery store. least they're short trips.

 Some notes about the kids from today:

  1. CEH said her first word today.  It was "mine."
  2. MNP was in the hospital tonight.  He had heart palpitations, though his EKG is normal.  The doctor wants him to follow up with his regular pediatrician.  I hope my little man is okay.  I'm going to have to get in touch with his mom and see what's going on.
  3. Stew keeps going around saying "holy smokes" a la EAP.
  4. The WTK section:
  • Found out that one of his favorite Christmas time things is Nutcrackers.  I had no idea.  Found out while looking at his Christmas ornament that mom made for him this year.  It had a Nutcracker on it.  Go figure.  Unfortunately, WTK's dad is, well, he's something.  He's taught WTK to say to people, "Give me your nuts", "Put your nuts in my mouth"
  • Favorite Christmas gift was his coin sorter - no real shock there.
  • He's obsessed with doorbells.
  • WTK's school does a Friend of the Week so the kids can get to know one another.  This week is WTK's turn.  He and Laura made a poster board of all of his favorite things.  Laura said that it was made of 6 12x12 pieces of paper and that it had room to spare.  One of the categories is his favorite foods.  He named garlic bread and bacon among the top runners.
  • When one of the girls at his party was going to leave, she was going up the stairs away from her mother.  WTK told her, "You come down here, I don't want you up there."

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