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Friday, January 18, 2013

Pinned It, Did It, Friday: Clean Eating Muffins

My goal this year is to eat more whole, natural foods and do away with a lot of the preservatives and ingredients with names so long I can't pronounce.  Last week, I made eggs in the oven for a week of good breakfasts, which Stew was eating on English Muffins.  Well, now, English Muffins have plenty of those ingredients I don't want in our bodies, so I was on the mission to find some biscuits (his preference over muffins) to make so he could have those with his eggs.

I found a recipe on this site and pinned it.

The one limitation I had with these biscuits is that I do not own a biscuit cutter.  This might seem a bit impossible for all of those that have seen my closet of kitchen gadgets - but nope, no biscuit cutter.  I ended up using some plastic thing we had to cut out my biscuits which made them a bit smaller than they should have been - but that was okay, I wanted to know about the taste anyway.

The recipe was super easy.  I had to add a bit more apple sauce to mine as it wouldn't come together, but otherwise the process for getting these babies into the pan was simple.

The recipe called for 20 minutes on each side.  Stew and I finished a complete game of trivial pursuit while we waited for these suckers to cook.  The recipe said to cook them on the lowest possible setting - well that turned out to be too low on my electric stovetop - we had to turn the temperature up a bit in order to get them finished.

So, what's the verdict - I thought they tasted good and Stew thought they tasted good - but it was a long time for cooking and with the cutter we used there was no way we were getting an egg on them.  We're going to call this one Pin Maybe - as the taste was good and I want to try to make them again, but this time turning up the heat a little and using a bigger biscuit cutter.

I ended up eating these with a little bit of honey on them - yummy snack.

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