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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Journal: January 2, 2013

Long ride in the car today. Slept some, read mostly. Have determined that from now on we're flying down. I'm just no good in a car for that long.

Tried to get some scenic pictures of West Virginia while we drove - umm, not so much:

Took Sara to school. She was so excited to go and all of her little friends, especially Sam, were so happy to see her. She looked very cute in her blue dress.

Meli made us French Toast before we hit the road and Stew got in some more time playing ball with Eli. They're having a hard time getting the kid that used to eat anything you put in front of him to eat. Unless it's gummy bears. He'll eat them all day long.

He hid out in Sissy's room after she went to school.

Came home and stopped at LaTolteca just to get Queso and chips.  The restaurant is all set up in its new digs.  Maybe one day we'll actually eat in.

We watched some Duck Dynasty and then Chicago Fire. Made sure we set the DVR to record Gator Boys. Love that show, too.

Finished two books today, the Duck Dynasty book and Attack Your Day Before it Attacks you.

Started reading A Study in Scarlet, Sherlock Holmes. First time reading any of this. Like how Doyle writes which is kind of surprising to me since he is a British author.

Feeling like my cold is getting worse. I seriously hope not. I'm supposed to go to Jersey tomorrow for WTK's birthday and Christina is coming over to scrapbook. I really need to clean up that room.

Roof loan is under $10K. That's good news. Can't wait until that stupid thing is paid off.

Going to read and then going to bed. Have to get up early in the morning.

Back to work.

Ohhhh and I haven't shared this since I received it.  Look what mom bought me for Christmas (well, really was my birthday, but it didn't come in time).  It's a Stitch iPhone cover - it's awesome and the greatest part is his ears pop out so I've been annoying Stew with the whole, "wait Stew I can't hear you," and then popping his ears out.  He's sooooo cool.

And I shared this on Facebook, but thought it was worth sharing here - what is with one glass of wine to go?  I pretty much think I'm impressed by the ingenuity.

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