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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Journal: January 1, 2013

Let's see...if I had to pick one idea that summarized today, it would be that I'm damn glad that my siblings and I are older and that we no longer hate each other.  Oh, I'm sure there were times when we acted just as SMP and EAP did today, in fact, I'm positive of it, but it's so strange to see it from the other side.

To say that these two woke up in bad moods is an understatement.  EAP didn't sleep all that well last night and as he was playing this morning before his sister got up - he wrote in her Doc McStuffins symptom journal and boy, when I say she wasn't happy about it, I'm not kidding in the least. 

Here she is at the dining room table showing her displeasure and look at Uncle Stew - no sympathy.

She was going around telling everyone that she hated Eli.  Meli told her that she didn't mean that, to which SMP replied, "You can't tell me what the feelings in my head are - I tell you what the feelings in my head are."  They don't call her the little lawyer for nothing.  She went on to say lots of other things about her brother and her thoughts on the subject.  Here are a few:

"I don't want a brother in my family."

"I hate brothers."

"I never wanted a brother.  I can still push him out of this family."

I asked EAP his thoughts.  I said, "Do you love your sister?"  He said, "No."

I asked her if SMP if she wanted me to take EAP home with me.  She told me no, she wanted to go home with me.  I guess it has something to do with the pool.  LOL.

I think if my brothers and I sat down and thought about our childhood, we could recall days just like this.

It all worked out in the end, though.  They ended the night hugging and playing together.

If they are anything like us, they're going to realize one day how important brothers and sisters are and how much they can add to your life, even if they did draw in your Doc McStuffins book when they were 2.

Meli and I headed to Walmart where I picked up some more toys for the kids.  SMP got a lot of the same things for Christmas from us as she did from Santa so I wanted to make that right.  The kids were very happy with their new gifts and spent a good portion of the rest of the day playing with them.  Since SMP is always playing with EAP's remote control cars, we found her one of her own.  It's LaLaLoopsie - whatever the heck that thing is.  She loved it.

SMP also got more puzzles.  These were more challenging - up to 100 pieces, since she had the Doc McStuffins ones we got her put together in like 15 minutes.  She got daddy down on the floor to help her put them together.   They finished putting one together and I said, "How many pieces was that?"  Shawn said that it was 100.  I told him it looked a little small for 100 pieces.  He said, "It is every bit of 100 pieces."  Don't take away his man card.

Don't move the cars off the couch.  They have to be in perfectly straight lines.  It doesn't matter if no one has anywhere to sit - the cars will not be moved.

One really funny story about EAP.  I told him I was going to beat his popo - he told me only mommy does that.  So I told him to let Mommy do it.  He walked over to her and bent over so she could do it.  Crazy kid.

Stew spent a lot of time playing ball with EAP.  EAP has quite the arm - catching is still a bit of an issue, but damn, that boy can throw.  

He was doing his touchdown signal with one arm - we had to fix that.  Taught him that touchdown is two arms.  He has it down now.

SMP had to show us her touchdown dance, too.  It very much looked like gangnam style.  Every time she found a piece of the puzzle, she would get up and do her touchdown dance.  Her dad told her that was going to be about enough of gangnam style.

The kids spent I would say almost an hour playing with noise putty.  Oh the fun that can be had with fart putty by adults and kids alike.  There's a video of this on smugmug if you're interested in watching it.

Besides hanging out and playing with the kids, we had a wonderful dinner.  Meli made soup - delicious.  And mostly we just hung out and talked and watched a lot of college football - my favorite!  NOT!

Some more pictures from the day.

Sara relaxing on the couch playing games on my phone.

And wearing my cool, new slippers.

EAP and Stew - giving hugs...

And making faces at each other....

And the kids showing us their favorite funny face...

Great first day of the new year.  Long drive home tomorrow.  Not looking forward to that.  Going to miss my kids a whole lot.  Won't see them again to EAP's birthday in March.

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