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Friday, February 1, 2013

Pinned It, Did It, Friday: Alternative to Hamburgers

I've been looking at vegetarian hamburger recipes for quite some time.  When I happened upon this one, I pinned it and then I went to the kitchen and tried it out.  Turns out we had everything I needed in the pantry, so the dinner didn't cost a dime.  We paired it with a salad.

Here's the original pin.

They're black bean and brown rice burgers. 

I made the rice earlier in the day which made prep of these burgers a breeze.  I'm considering cooking a batch of brown rice every Sunday and just keeping it in our fridge or freezing it - I'll have to see if freezing it is a good idea.

I used canned black beans, well rinsed.

Followed the directions on the recipe.

(I need a new blender - this one is awful.)

At this point, I'm not sure about these things - the stuff that came out of the blender didn't look apetizing at all.

Here's the finished "burgers".

They were very delicate and flakey - but I must say, they tasted really good.  Even Stew liked them.  They won't replace an actual hamburger for us, but I can see us adding this to our cooking menu.

I call this one PinApproved.

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