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Monday, February 4, 2013

Journal: February 4, 2013

Let me start by saying Congratulations to the Ravens.  I'm glad that Ray is going out on that high.  I think with all the work he's put in with that team, he deserves it.  He is THE original Raven afterall.  Let me also say thank you to the Ravens - due to their win over the 49ers, the Steelers remain the only NFL team with 6 rings.  (thank you James Harrison for pointing that out)

Now that that's over, can I please ask what the hell that half time show was all about?  The light show was cool, but my God, a few years ago we were all up in arms about a boob and this year we have an almost nude Beyonce gyrating around the stage like I don't know what.  Please bring back the arena rock Gods.  PLEASE.  I beg of you.

Best commercial I saw during the Superbowl was the one by Dodge about the farmers.  Really touching.  Though I will say, I missed the Tide commercial with the Joe Montana stain and I heard that one was good.  I can't believe some of the commercials that are aired - you're spending so much damn money to get air time during that game.  I would think that you could hire some advertising firm to think of something original and entertaining to do with that time, or from what I saw, I guess not.

What was up with the lights going out?  The comments being posted to Twitter after that happened were hilarious.  I liked this one, in particular:

And the biggest news of the night and the biggest win of the night was announced by Matt shortly after the game ended.  I am the winner of the Kielbasa cup!  By 6 points I won.  I guess it doesn't matter that for some of the questions I had to ask Stew who the 49ers running back was or receiver.  I still won.  Whooohoooo, I get a signed football.  (Every year for the Superbowl, Stew's family has a list of questions relating to the game.  Everyone answers.  Scores are tallied.  Results are announced.  Winner receives a football signed by all those that were in attendance at the party.  This year there was no party, HOWEVER, I still want my signed football.  Make it happen, people!!!!)

I went to bed last night before the game ended.  Finished reading a book that Stew downloaded for me.  (He downloads me the free ones that Amazon offers every week.  I review them, put the ones that look interesting in a folder on my Kindle marked "May not suck" and every once in awhile when I have nothing I want to read, I start some book that is in the folder.  If I don't like it, I stop reading it right away and delete it.  No harm, no foul.)  This one wasn't so bad.  I'll probably write a review tomorrow or something.  It's on the list.

This morning got up, put on my workout clothes, made my husband breakfast, then started to work only for my work computer to go bat shit crazy.  It won't open links on the internet, it won't connect to work's VPN.  Sigh.  Since I had training all day for our new system it was no big deal, but I'm gonna have to work on getting that fixed tomorrow.

After work, I worked on my layout for the day.  Actually finished the assignment for my One Little Word class that was given out in the beginning of January.  The prompt for LOAD today was scrapbook a goal - this seemed like a good fit and good way to knock out two birds with one stone - so I made that happen.

I worked out while Stew made dinner which is quite the roll reversal, but I had an appointment with my therapist tonight.  He made baked chicken and crispy edamame.  Very good.

He also introduced me to the site,

We spent some time looking through some of those things - some of them make me not want to live on this planet anymore.  Though this one we found rather funny.

The therapist appointment went well, though it was hard.  We spent time talking about childhood and family.  It just sucks when things aren't the way you want them, yet there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.  That's life I guess.  I'll just continue to focus on the things that bring good in my life and hope that time does, in fact, heal all wounds.

In better news:

I got happy mail today - not once, or twice, but four times.  Three boxes of who the hell knows what I ordered craft supplies and the best mail of all - pictures of my adorable little nieces. 

AND Christina posted on Facebook today that she had a lot of 0-3 month baby clothes to give away.  Darn it, AGP, slow down.  You're growing up way too fast for your aunt's liking.

I think that's all for today.  (Side note: Stew worked out while I was at the doctor's - we're starting the week off right.)

Until tomorrow....

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