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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Journal: February 2, 2013

I don't really have a whole lot to share today.  It was a pretty lazy day around the house.  It was absolutely wonderful.  I spent a lot of time in the craft room.  Worked on some layouts, did some re-organizing.  We watched some tv.  I cheated just a tad on the sugar thing and had some nutella on an English Muffin with bananas - considering that I was craving a doughnut all day and I didn't get one, that's not too bad.  We were supposed to go to the Flyers game tonight, but we both just needed a relaxing day at home.  It's been a long week for both of us as we adjust to our new routines and I've actually been busy at work - which has been great, but it's an adjustment and we just needed a pajama day.

Stew did weigh in this morning.  His weight is down since we started - that's awesome!  Next week, we'll be more consistent with working out so that should also help!

There's a lot of back and forth going on about the Super Bowl.  Matt and family has been sick so they won't be attending the party at mom and dad's and the weather is supposed to be making a turn toward the icy and snowy.  Stew and I think that we're probably just going to stay home.  Stew's made tomorrow his cheat day and let me just tell you how much he's looking forward to that.  He's been talking about Cheetos and Doritos all day.

So, that's probably what we'll do - just stay home and watch the game.  Though honestly, I have no desire to watch it, really.  I'll probably play in the scrap room.

I guess we'll see tomorrow.

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