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Monday, February 18, 2013

Journal: February 17, 2013

I got up around 7:30 this morning after sleeping like the dead last night.  It's funny because even after sleeping that long, I'm still tired.  I know that when I don't eat right, I feel bad, but sometimes that's not enough to stop me.  We need to get back on the wagon.

Stew got up around 9:30, very early for him.  He's feeling pretty achy today.  He switched from Dayquil to Mucinex and Tylenol.  I hope he feels better soon.  I don't like seeing him not be himself.

After he got up, I made him breakfast.  We had french toast.  I only had 2 slices which is some kind of miracle for me.  I made sure I had my yogurt with protein powder, too - so that my breakfast wasn't too, too bad.

I'm working on getting caught up on LOAD.  I think that the prompt on Monday, along with feeling really tired from the weekend in Kansas and the lack of sleep just threw me for a loop this week, but I'm determined to do every prompt this month.  The prompt that's giving me the most trouble is to scrap about a lesson learned in adulthood.  I'm not sure what the hell to scrap about.  In fact this prompt is giving me so much trouble that I completely forgot about it.  When I was uploading the layouts I did complete this weekend, I mislabeled day 12 as day 11.  Just totally blanked that day 11 hadn't been completed yet.  Sigh.  So tomorrow morning, I'll be three layouts behind, including tomorrow's prompt.  Thankfully, I don't think I'm traveling this week so I think I'll get it done.

Stew spent the day resting and watching tv.  He's watching Starship Troopers or Battle Star gallactica or something sci-fi like that.  I'm not sure which.  Something, I'm definitely not interested in, that's for sure.  He said that in this show there are only 50,000 humans left.  Of course, my question had to be how in the hell are they going to re-populate this new world they're looking for.  He said, "well, there are 50,000 of them."  Yeah, true, I suppose.  I hope some of them are good looking.

I spent the day in the craft room.  I rebelled today and didn't go to the store like I should have.  Will have to do that tomorrow.  No more dish detergent and no more laundry detergent.  Damn, that means I can't do laundry, shucks!  Have to get it done though.  I leave for Calgary in a week and want the house, the laundry and my blog up to date by then.  Wishful thinking probably, but hey, it's good to have goals.

Stew and I watched the race from last night.  Man, if that's how Daytona's going to be - that's going to be a snore fest.  I didn't think that the racing was any better with the new car, or at least not in my limited view.  Maybe when there's more than 12 cars on the track it will be more interesting.  Kasey didn't wreck - that's good news.  Tony was a bone head and caused the wreck that took out most of the field - I hope this isn't foreshadowing what's to come next weekend.

We also watched some more episodes of White Collar - still loving this show.  Very different from the other crime shows we watch, but it's funny, so we like it.

I made tacos for dinner tonight.  Stew said the filling was more spicy than usual - hmmm, I didn't do anything differently, maybe it was the spice mix?  And we didn't have any sour cream.  I'm not sure how I forgot that at the store - but I did.  That makes a world of difference in how those tacos taste.  I won't forget again, though it was probably better for us that it wasn't there!

And with that, the day is in the books.  Not a very exciting weekend around here, but with Stew sick - there's not much we can do.  Hopefully, he's feeling better soon and we can go do some stuff.

Off to bed now.  Back to work in the AM - all you who are off tomorrow, grrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Like Stew!  He's off tomorrow, too - good for ya'll.  I'll be slaving it at work - which is laughable if you consider what a day of working from my home office looks like.


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