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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Journal: February 3, 2013

One of the things that Stew and I are trying, or I'm trying and Stew is supporting me in trying, is building one new habit a week.  Last week, our goal was to make sure we ate breakfast every day.  We did that.  We also ate dinner at the kitchen table 6 out of the 7 nights (Friday night is tv night and was pizza night which is meant to be eaten in front of the tv).  We didn't eat out once this week, which, hello - helps the budget.  All in all, it was a pretty good week in terms of making and keeping our one goal.

The goal for the coming week is our nighttime routine.  Normally, we're up doing whatever until we absolutely can't keep our eyes open anymore and we go upstairs and fall into bed.  We want to make our bedtime routine a little more systematic.  Go through and straighten up the house, journal, think about our plans for the next day, do all of the things that we should do before going to bed so the transition is easier and we get to bed earlier. 

In that vein, it's not even 9PM and I'm journaling for the day.  Doing this at night before I go to bed will sure as hell help me in all aspects of my memory keeping.  Having to go back and re-create entries from the notes I keep is pure hell, so, this is the new habit I want to incorporate while continuing to make sure we eat breakfast.  I've already baked our eggs for the week and Stew went to the store and bought English Muffins.  I have yogurt and protein powder, so we're all set.

Today was another lazy day for us.  We normally travel to Jersey for the superbowl festivities, but there's weather to contend with and people are ill, and it just wasn't meant to happen this year.  From the updates I'm getting from Stew it doesn't appear that it's much of a game at all.  I couldn't care less one way or another, but I'll be happy for Ray and I know a lot of my friends will be thrilled.

We did get some of our chores done today.  We finalized our January budget and weirdly, somehow, we were actually under-budget.  We still don't know how in the hell we did that.  Mainly, I think our cancelled trip to Savannah had something to do with it, but hey, under-budget is better than over-budget, so we'll take it.  The overage was immediately transferred into our savings account.  We planned out February's budget and put away the financial stuff for the day.

Stew's really been enjoying our subscription to NetFlix.  He's watched several movies this weekend.  It's a cool thing, too.  We can watch as many movies as we want, not have to store them and not feel guilty about not finishing them if we hate them.  I think this is going to be a good thing if it is like Stew says and the number of movies available increase once the subscription becomes paid.

I put away our laundry today and started packing for Kansas - we don't leave until Friday - who the hell am I?  It's going to feel good on Friday though when it's time to leave and I'm ready without running around the house like a crazy person.

I spent a lot of time in the scraproom, which makes me happy.  I've been successful for the first three days of LOAD, we'll see if that continues.  I've gotten a lot of great feedback on my layouts and my videos and that's awesome.

We saw Steve today.  He stopped by to pick up his wireless router and his food money for the month.  He needs the wireless at his new apartment because he's going over his amount of data on his phone because he's always on the network.  I asked him if he's met any girls while at school - he changed the subject.  Smooth, so smooth...It's funny, but I can actually understand him much better when he's in front of me than when I'm trying to read his Facebook updates.  Go figure!  He seems to be doing well but he went and tried to change his 8AM class to 10AM and ended up changing it to 7AM - that's what he gets, I suppose.

GDH had a quote for me today.  "Everybody here is really nice, except Casey, Casey is just clumsy."  Oh, the nightmare of being the older sibling.  LOL.

And Frank sent me a picture on Facebook - AWESOME!

I have to finish editing the video for day 3 of LOAD and then I think I'll have a snack and head off to bed.  Very busy day tomorrow - training all day on the new trial monitoring system they're putting in place for my new study.  Should be interesting....I hope.  It'll be important to learn, either way.

Until tomorrow....

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