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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Journal: February 15, 2013

Well, today was a day....that's really all there is to say about it.

I'm up way into Saturday and I'm praying for a blizzard but by the looks of things outside, doesn't appear that that is going to happen.  I'm pouting, damn it.

Stew woke up this morning for work after having a bad night sleeping.  He had such a bad night, I finished up my night on the couch.  He wasn't feeling well so he decided to stay home today and rest.  He slept until almost 1.

After work, I headed out to the grocery store to pick up some food for us to eat and lots of liquidy stuff for him so that he can combat whatever he has going on.  Lots and lots of gatorade.

When I was putting the groceries in the trunk of Stew's car, I found the second part of my Valentine's Day gift.  I've been wanting one of these for years.  We do a lot of entertaining at our house and I thought this would be perfect for keeping things warm throughout the gatherings.  Stew and I saw one of these while we were in Kansas and he gave me one for Valentine's Day.  He also bought me a real knife protection sleeve (kind of sounds like a condom, doesn't it?  LOL) for my fancy dancy knife he bought me for Christmas.  Still need to sign up for that knife skills class.  Maybe I'll do that this weekend.

We had pizzas for lunch/dinner.  It amazes me how different the pizzas we eat are - there's no such thing for me as too much sauce.  On Stew's pizza you can barely see the sauce let alone taste it.  We don't eat pizza often and by that I mean, we together don't eat pizza often.  I eat pizza a lot, it has to be one of my favorite foods, but normally when I order it, Stew gets something else.  Since we couldn't eat meat today, pizza was an easy choice.  It was yummy.

I finished the scrap room re-organization (probably will be more on this on the craft blog sometime this weekend).  Loving it much better this way.  Everything is so accessible and I hooked up my Wacom tablet - looking forward to playing with that this weekend.

We watched some tv.  Top Chef didn't record...AGAIN.  I'm not loving the new season of Project Runway - I hate the whole team concept thing.  Blue Bloods - still loving it.  Finally catching up with this season of Bones.  I really love the country bumpkin squint.  I wish they would have him on every show.  I mean how can you not love a character who comes out with lines like, "it's as smooth as a frog's fart."  That's genius, right there.  They just better get rid of this new agent chick that was partnered with Sweets - Not loving her. Still loving Elementary.  Loving Jonny Lee Miller but I still can't believe that dude was married to Angelina.  Just had to grab a picture of this look...

Awwwww....Sherlock sad.

I played in the scrap room, Stew watched some tv and then he went to bed and I'm still up at quarter till 3.  Hmmmm.  That's no good.  I think I'll head to bed now and see if I can get some sleep.  *fingers crossed*

Bad news of the day - Stew's cold means that we won't be heading to Jersey tomorrow for little Ms. CEH's birthday.  How can that child be almost 1?  The time just slips away.  We will have to celebrate with her later.

Steve went to the Salisbury Zoo today - sent me a picture of a Bald Eagle - gotta love when my guys think of me...especially when one that's full on into his bratty 20s stage.  Loved the picture, love the kid.

And a final picture for the night.  After I gave Stew his Valentine's day present - he just had to have Stitch play with it.  Look at Stitch - he's eating some part of the world.

Night, ya'll.

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