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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Journal: September 1, 2012

Woke up today around 8 after getting to bed around 4.  Will the insomnia ever end?  Sigh.

I got caught up on all of the ongoings of the internet that I missed in the 4 hours since I went to bed.  Yeah, not much going on, so I headed down to the scrap room - which was freezing cold, by the way, and my space heater died recently.  I really need to buy a new one.  It's like the arctic down there.

I was searching around for stuff for Stew and I to do since I'm really tired of writing journal entries that say, we did this, we did this, and then we watched tv.  I'm sick of the tv.  I'm sick of wasting the time in front of the tv.  So I spent some time looking at things that we could do.  There's a local pub that has trivia night so we're going to check that out this week and also, there's a huge Bingo hall near our house.  Yes, I know, pull out my old lady card now, but I honestly love Bingo - so we're going to check that out this week, too.  And!  And, I'm super excited about this, I bought tickets to the Roller Derby for next weekend.  I've been wanting to go forever and my interest has only increased since one our friends on Facebook posts pictures of all of his time spent at the events.  I really want to check this out - and you know, Stew's not saying no to that.  In fact, Stew doesn't pull out his neanderthal man all that often, he's too much of a gentleman for that, but it does show up every now often.

Today we were watching CSI: NY and they had an episode featuring a fashion show for handbags.  All of the models were dressed in skimpy lingerie and I said to Stew, "they're modeling handbags, do they have to be dressed like in lingerie?"  He said, "they have handbags?"  Too funny.

After organizing our calendar for the coming week, I spent some time organizing my alphabet stickers.  I finally think I have a system worked out that I think will work, I just have to go to the post office and get some of their mailers to make the holders.  I want magazine files to hold my letter stickers by color.  The only problem with buying them is that they are too wide to fit enough of them across my shelves, but if I cut the post office box mailers, they're the right width and will do the job - plus, they're much cheaper.  Added bonus!  And if I want to later I can always decorate them.

 (stacks of letter stickers organized by color)

(Red stickers put in modified post office mailer)
(Letter stickers that need to be cut to be organized by color)

I was checking out twitter when Stew came down after he woke up.  We were going to go to the zoo today, but I let him sleep instead.  Kristina Werner, a crafter I've followed for quite a long time, posted a link on her Twitter feed to this guy.  He's doing a 30 day challenge for the month of September and Stew and I are in.  In fact, at the end of the video, he says, get down now and do 5 pushups.  Well, we both did it.  HA!  I think that's the most physical activity I've had in a week.  We sat for a long time and talked about what our goals should be and we came up with some that we think will help us.

My goals:

1.  Be in bed by midnight every night.
2.  Drink at least 64 ounces of water everyday.
3.  Work out for at least 15 hours during the month.

Stew's goals:

1.  Eliminate soda
2.  Walk 12 miles in September
3.  Do 500 pushups during the month of September

They're small goals, but they're achievable and if we do this it will help both of us to establish some routines and maybe use this as a building block for setting other goals in coming months.

We grabbed lunch after that and watched one episode of CSI:NY before it was time to get ready for dinner.

I used my new flat iron.

Stew asked me how it was - I told him it was awesome.  I'm in love with it.  He said, "just be careful and don't get burned."  Hardy har!  Sigh.

We were headed down to see Rachel's mom for her birthday since we missed the birthday party.

We got to check out D's apple trees and Sharon's tomato plant.

We headed to The Riverwatch for dinner.


What a tremendous let down.  We're going to have to take Sharon out again for her birthday because this restaurant was terrible.  At least Stew's food was good.  The crab cakes were okay, but my steak tasted like what I would imagine dog food tastes like.  They messed up Dennis' hamburger, they just plopped Sharon's crab cake on a plate, Rachel didn't get any sides with her meal.  It was awful.  We should have left as soon as we realized there wasn't lobster on the menu (what Sharon really wanted).  Or we should have been warned when we saw this sign out front:

It's a shame, too - because they have a great location.  They have a deck right on the water.

 Oh well, we'll definitely be heading out to dinner again soon to do it right.

After dinner, we went back to Sharon and Dennis' and played cards.  Haven't done that in awhile and shockingly enough, Stew didn't win every hand, though he did win his share.  Every one won at least one hand, except Dennis, that is.  Sorry D!
During our card game, the call of Pizza Johns was just too great to overcome - so Rachel and I took a walk down there to get some pizza, Stew some french fries and Sharon some onion rings - having Pizza Johns within walking distance would be great and a curse all at the same time.

We had a really good time catching up with them, even if I'm going to strangle Sharon.  We were done playing cards and she goes out in the living room and lights up a cigarette - WHAT?  After all of the lung health problems she's just had.  I gave her a bunch of stuff about that, she told me, "She hasn't finished quitting yet."  LOL.

We don't see them enough. 

We were home just before 11 - I took off my make up, did a few crosswords and then was in bed by midnight like I'm supposed to be.

Stew did great - even though we went out to eat, he didn't order soda.

I'm not sure I drank all 64ounces of water, but it was close.  I'll keep better track tomorrow.

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