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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Journal: September 23, 2012

Woke up this morning with a sore throat and coughing.  My ears hurt and my eyes were burning.  I took some Allegra and that seemed to help, so I'm hoping that it's just allergies.

When Stew got up, I was down in the scrap room (working on a new way to do process videos).  I can always tell when he gets up when I'm down there because I can hear the water run when he gets in the shower.  This time, the water came on and shut off but it was quite some time before he came down, so I went up to find out what was going on.  Found him at his computer doing his fantasy sports stuff and smelled the wondrous aroma of cinnamon buns baking in the oven.  We sat down and had breakfast and made a shopping list.  He was actually feeling up to do some running around, so I got in the shower and then we headed out. 

We've been talking about buying a recumbent bike since he started therapy and since we just received a check for overpayment of escrow, we thought we'd use this unexpected money to buy the bike.  We took a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods and found one that we really liked.  The new models are coming in soon and that meant that they were selling off last year's models at drastically reduced prices.  We got a $1000 bike for about $499 - half off, not bad.  Unfortunately, though we bought it we couldn't bring it home.  We took Stew's car thinking that we were just going to look - the deal was too good to wait.  Thankfully, Dick's was prepared for this.  We paid for it and now we can pick it up later.  I'll get together with Steve tomorrow to pick it up.

After Dick's we headed to Bertucci's for lunch.  Bertucci's is always good.  Today they had the perfect seasoning combination going on in the olive oil that they serve with their bread - the right amount of red pepper flakes, which just so happen to be my favorite part of the whole seasoning mix.  Delicious.  We brought most of the food home since we had a late breakfast, but we ordered with that in mind so that we would either have dinner for tonight or lunch for tomorrow. 

After Bertucci's, we headed to Wegman's to get groceries for the week.  Picked up an Asian pear, a papaya, and a variety of apples to try this week.  I love going to Wegman's and getting something I've never had before and seeing if I like it.  I also got pumpkin spice soda - don't know about that, but I'm going to take that up to Mom and Dad's and we'll have a taste testing.  Should be fun.

We headed to Brewsters after Wegman's.  Normal order:  Strawberry on a sugar cone for me, vanilla shake for Stew.

Super disappointed that Hamlin won the race.  Grrrrrr.  I so don't want that guy to win this thing.

My Steelers lost to the freaking Raiders - are you kidding me??  A field goal as time expires.  Thanks guys, there goes my last damn survivor pick - bastards!  James, Troy, Rasheed - we need you!!

To pour salt in that wound the damn Ravens won - with a field goal as time expired.  I hate them.

Arizona straight up spanked the Eagles - are they for real?  I guess only time will tell.

When all the sports things were done, we started watching The Practice - we only have season 1, but we both love this show.

Our tv shows start up this week.  Thank God!!!

Some random things for the day:

Loved this license plate:

You probably can't see it in this picture that well, but to the left of the exhaust pipe is an air freshener hanging.  I mean, I'm glad it's not like the testicles that some people hang off their car - but you're going to have to explain this air freshener thing to me.

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