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Friday, September 28, 2012

Journal, September 28, 2012

I'm not even sure today is worth journaling about.  I worked.  Stew worked.  I took pictures of all of the layouts I've made recently and added them to my crafting blog.  Stew came home from work and went to therapy.  I took a shower.  Stew called to find out what I wanted for dinner, I told him pizza.  He said he'd stop at Little Caesar's.  I told him I wanted ice cream - strawberry or chocolate chip cookie dough - Wawa was fine.  He said or he could pick me up and take me to Brewsters.  You guys know what won out there. 

Then we stopped and picked up pizza.  Then it we went home and watched all of our new shows that started this week, and that's all she wrote!

Besides I guess what we got in the mail.

Take a look at this.  Our next roof payment isn't due until May of 2013 and it's only a partial payment due at that!  I guess paying more than we're supposed to every month is a good thing; however, if this roof isn't paid off well before May, I'm going to pull out my hair.  I guarantee it.  First the pool, now the roof.  I hate bills!

Why couldn't I have been born filthy rich rather than overly smart and super cute (my mom's words about me whenever I would complain to her about money, not mine.)

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