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Monday, September 24, 2012

Journal: September 24, 2012

Woke up this morning with those same symptoms I had yesterday. Again with the allegra and  was feeling better. 

It was a run day - so I laced up my tennis shoes and got started.

Week 2, Day 1 of couch to 5K in the bag.  This is run/walk 1.5 minute intervals.  Not getting any easier, but I'm damn proud of myself period for even getting n the treadmill.    (Had to pull out the real running shoes this week - wore just my knock around shoes last week to run, don't want to make a habit of that.)

The scale wasn't nice to me at all.  So even with the working out last week, nothing changed.  Need to start working on eating right.  We got prepared to do that this week, but everything got waylaid - read on.

As the day progressed, I started feeling worse and worse.  Guess it isn't allergies afterall.  I was feeling horrible.  Called Steve and rescheduled operation pick up recumbent bike until tomorrow.  Stew came home and I was lying on the couch.  Not feeling good.  He made my #1 comfort food, macaroni and cheese for dinner and we watched more of The Practice- still loving this show.

Went to bed - really hoping I feel better tomorrow.

Some random things from today:

Stew got his haircut:

Take a look at the manacurist's tool available on Amazon - now get your mind out of the gutter.  Cause that's exactly where Stew and I went when we saw it.  In fact when he showed this to me, I said, why would they have a dildo shaped like that.  Yeah, tired and not feeling well remember?

And look at this - we've been on smugmug for 5 years, Crazy.

Tried the Braeburn apple today.  The taste was just okay - nothing spectacular, but the flesh of the fruit wasn't very crisp.  It had a much mushier texture.  Not my favorite apple. 

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