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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Journal: September 4, 2012

Back to the daily grind today.  I guess I really shouldn't think about life that way.  I read this post on the ZenHabits blog by Leo Babauta titled, Be Inspired and one of the lessons he lists is, "Be grateful for the miracle of your life; and ask yourself how you want to spend it.  Then get to creating, to make lives better."  Thinking of my work life as a grind probably isn't the most productive way to spend my time.  I'm blessed to have the job that I have and to enjoy the work that I do - now granted, I'd rather be on the road at a site monitoring, but I have to be grateful that I'm able to get up on those mornings that I'm not traveling and walk the 10 steps it takes to get to my office.  I'm home every day for lunch.  The traveling part of my job, the actually leaving the house part of it is a drag sometimes since I miss my family and I love my house, but what I actually travel to do - what my job actually is, I enjoy every minute of that.  Okay, maybe that's a bit over the top.  Maybe it's not every minute - but the majority of them.  I interact with some of the most talented doctors and researchers in this country and now in other countries, as well.  So, I'm going to spend these moments being thankful for my job and not think about it as the daily grind.

It was back to work today.  There, that's better.

I woke up while Stew was in the shower which means it was between 5 and 5:30. I put my workout clothes on right away and spent time with Stew while he was eating breakfast - man loves his Cocoa Puffs, I just love that he's eating something before dinner time.

Once he left, I took myself and my water downstairs to do my Zumba workout.  It's true that I would love to be a runner - it's also true that I find it to be the most boring thing in the world and if I'm bored, I'm just not going to do it.  Maybe once I lose some of this extra baggage and every step doesn't feel like I'm moving a killer whale, I'll step back into my running shoes.  For now, though, I love Zumba.  I can't believe how much I've missed and how much it still kicks my ass.  I did the low intensity, short program - easing myself back into it.

After working out, I sat down in the craft room and turned my notes from yesterday into yesterday's journal entry.  I started using a new app called Day One to keep notes throughout the day - cause let's face it, my memory is horrible.  I had been using the Momento app and I like that one because it pulls all of your social media site posts together, but I like that Day One allows you to set reminders so that you remember to journal throughout the day and not rely on a strainer mind like mine.  So, for now I'm using both apps since Day One doesn't show me what I post on Facebook and other places. 

Journaling done, I headed upstairs, showered, made breakfast...

The most perfect egg I've ever made - Stewbert was proud.  There's something to this whole warming the pan up first and not frying the egg on high.  After breakfast, did my hair and make up and sat down at my desk.  End of month reports were due today.  I actually thought they were due tomorrow.  Oops.  They went in a little late, but they went in.  Will I ever learn that it's better to enter time every day and not wait until the last day of the month to try and figure out what you did the whole time.  Sigh.  Maybe some day.  Maybe that will be one of my October goals.

It took me forever to recreate my time.  Then I did all my expense reports and when I tried to make my travel arrangements, Southwest let me down.  The site was working, you just couldn't log into your personal account.

Deciding that it was the universe's way of telling me to take a break, I headed out to run some errands.  Before I left, I cleaned out my car - that thing was a mess!  After tackling that job, I was off to pick up those shipping boxes I wanted to make into containers to store my alphabet stickers.  This storage solution actually works, except for the fact that I got the wrong size.  I wanted the smaller ones, but for now, this will work and I'll eventually decorate them so that they don't look like shipping mailers.

It was off to Walmart after that.  Picked up a bunch of toiletry like things for Stew and went into the eye care center to see if they could fix my glasses.  I just had the lenses replaced earlier this year but then I broke the frames - Stew doesn't call me destructo for nothing.  Unfortunately, they weren't able to fix them.  Fortunately, they had the same exact frames still in stock.  So they were able to take my lenses and put them in the other frame.  So happy to have a pair of glasses back that I can actually see out of.

Stopped at WaWa to do my least favorite chore in the world - getting fuel!  I also grabbed lunch while I was there.  Turkey on wheat and pineapple chunks.

It was home after that and then more work.

Stew got home and he bought pork chops at the store, but I didn't feel like eating that, so we had cereal instead and then he went upstairs for his final draft of the season.  While he did this I played in the craft room.

We ended the night like we always end the night, it seems.  In front of the tv.  We were going to go play trivia tonight at a local pub but because of the draft we wouldn't have made it in time.  Oh well, there's always another time for that.  We watched Hell's Kitchen.  The two people that we wanted as finalists made it so that made us happy, but we can't believe the way Clemenza is acting.  He's like the oldest crybaby in the world.  I hope he doesn't come back next week.  We then watched Flipping Out.  I love Jeff Lewis.  He's a nutcase and though I could never work with him, hang out with him, or anything like that, if he wanted to redo my house, I'd definitely let him. 

Was in bed by midnight like I wanted to be.  Only thing is, didn't get all my water in today. 

Only one is empty!  Bummer.  Will have to remember to drink throughout the day so I'm not trying to drink 32 ounces of water in the 3 hours before bed.  Getting up in the middle of the night to pee is no fun.

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