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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Journal: September 2, 2012

I slept until 9:30 this morning and that's with going to bed before midnight last night.  That's insane.  I actually think I had a headache today from sleeping too long.

I spent the morning in the craft room finishing up on Project Life.  With the exception of the two weeks in June that Shawn was home, it's completely caught up.  Finally.  Now maybe I can get back to doing some scrapbook pages.  I also uploaded all of our August pictures and burned them to disk.  1,563 pictures taken in August.

Found out this morning that my space heater isn't broke after all - it was just unplugged.  Glad I figured that out before I, 1.  asked for help or 2. bought another one.

Stew woke up around 1PM, so our plans to either go to the zoo or go to the State fair weren't going to happen, so we decided to take a ride up to Elk Neck State Park and go hiking down to the Turkey Point Lighthouse.

We stopped at the Farm Store on our way and got some drinks.  I got water and Stew got gatorade that was made just for him.

I have been to this lighthouse before, but it was Stew's first time seeing it.  It's a small one and it's not currently active.  Hasn't been active since 2000.  They have plans to rebuild the keepers quarters but as of right now, only the lighthouse structure stands.  The views from the lighthouse area are really nice.  You can see a good portion of the Susquehanna river.  It's very peaceful there and Stew and I would have spent a lot more time there if it hadn't been for the bugs.  Luckily, the giftshop sold Off. Now that Stew and I are really keen on doing more hiking, I'm going to do some research on what to keep in a hiking bag so that we can just grab it and go.

Stew climbed to the top and I stayed down to take pictures of him (yeah, we'll go with that).

During our walks, we didn't see many birds - one turkey vulture and that's it, but we saw lots of butterflies, like more than I've ever seen in one place before.

And we saw this little guy.

They have a bird watching area with information about the best time to see certain raptors.  The sign says the best time to see bald eagles in the area is late October/early November - so everyone will know where I'll be then.

While we were walking back to the car, this older couple came up to us and asked, "How much further to the lighthouse?"  Stew said, "about a half of a mile."  They turned around and went back to their car.  I'm telling you there were points today that I thought about doing the same thing.  So out of shape, I am.

On our way back from the lighthouse, we stopped at Brewsters, hey, it was on the way!  Then, since Stew was hungry, I suggested Bill Bateman's for wings since I know they have a reputation for being pretty good.  Stew got an order to go and we headed home.

Stew said he could do without Bill Bateman's - they weren't that good.  Darn it!  Well, I guess you live and learn. 

We watched several episodes of CSI:NY and in between some episodes, we made a 7-11 run.  I bought a bottle of water and some donuts, Stew got a donut and I got a Steelers' freezer mug. 

After 7-11, we watched more CSI:NY until we thought sufficient time had passed to start the race.  (Turns out we didn't wait long enough - but oh well!)

My guys didn't have such a great night and I was just praying that Gordon and Kyle Busch didn't win because I don't want any of those guys outside the top 10 with 1 win to win anymore.  Tony and Kasey just did awful tonight and the rest of the race was a bore except for I guess the final 14 laps or something - after the final caution.  Denny's on a roll and looks solid as the chase approaches - not that I hope he wins or anything.  Not my favorite driver.

Race was over and I told Stew that he could wait for the standings to show, I needed to go to bed.  It was 11:14 - maintaining my September goals so far.  Went upstairs, washed my face, did one crossword puzzle and it was off to dream land for me.

Don't know what we're doing tomorrow.  A lot of that depends on the weather and what time the Stewbert gets out of bed.

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